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Arlo Pro/2 SnapShot Of New Camera Placement On Phone App

No more Activity Zone Snapshot to refresh camera view on phone apps


Please put back Snapshot onto phone apps. Device Settings for the ArloPro/ArloPro2.  It needs to be put back to be able to set or reset the Activity Zones, so it should be right under the picture to take a fresh picture so you can set the "activity zones" properly.  At this point you need to go into your account via the website.  It didn't use to be that way, one of these updates removed that from the smartphone app in the past few months.  Since you have to take these cameras down so much to charge them, the camera doesn't always get put back up in exactly the same position that you removed it from. 

Also, at this point, if you happen to delete an activity zone that you previously made (because it's not working like it should) you better make sure you go back into the motion settings and make sure it's still enabled.  For some reason, in my cases, when I've deleted an activity zone, it will uncheck/disable the record if motion is detected on that particular camera.  It seems whenever you change something in one area you need to double check everything.  Very time consuming.  And since everything it spread all over the place, it's hard to remember where a particular task might be located….in the "Devices", or "Mode", or "Settings"….too many places to miss something.


Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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