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Arlo PRO battery life shortened after adding additional Arlo PRO camera

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We have had the Arlo PRO camera system for a year, operating almost flawlessly for over a year.  Battery life was easily 5-6 months on the indoor and outdoor cameras, even during very cold Texas winter weather.  This was with very limited recording time [total of 2-3 minutes per week].  We decided to add a third Arlo PRO camera in mid-Feb so we can monitor the backyard.  Within a couple weeks of the additional camera install, all three of our camera batteries have started losing charge within days of a complete recharge.  We are stumped ~ why would adding a third camera affect the battery life on the existing cameras that previously held a charge for 5-6 months?  Loved the Arlo system before adding the third camera but now it’s practically useless, especially for security or while traveling.  What happened?  Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Try and do a restart of the base and see if that fixes things.

If not then I would remove all the devices using the app and then resync from scratch.