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rft Aspirant

Arlo Live Stream Delayed & Not Working Properly

I have been trying to fix my system now for over a month with no success...


I am a security consultant working for a number of national media groups including Chanel 7, ABC, Sky News and the SBS.  We provifde these media groups with Security trsining for Domest Reporters teaching them how to supress their private information on line.  Part of the course we provide is to suggest personal security systems for home protection.  I have always touted Arlo as my personal system of choice and recommended it to all attending.  This has now changed!


I am about to rewplace your system with one of your competitors as I am completely exhausted with trying to get my system fixed.  Wether it is an update issue I dont know but it seems no one else knows either.  Your community has been asking for a while now to fix this issue and I can only assume you have lost a lot of business for your lack of concern and response.  


It would be nice to think that there is an answer to this issue so that I do not have to go out a purchase a new sysytem but I dont think there is.  

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Arlo Live Stream Delayed & Not Working Properly

I've pretty much always had a delay of about 5 seconds. Are you seeing a longer delay now than what you used to see? I saw another thread yesterday where someone said they had minimal lag for a camera close to the base and quite a bit of lag for a camera far away from the base. This, obviously, indicates the transmission from camera to base is the problem.

The lag is pretty understandable given the camera has to record, transmit to the base station, send the video to the Arlo (Amazon) servers, come back down through the internet to your device. Some local streaming with 1s lag as per my Arlo Baby would be nice but that's a wifi device so maybe not something Arlo with base station can do

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