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Arlo - Inconsistent App, Website, Instructions, and Clarity.

Arlo needs to do better. The app and website are inconsistent for the siren. When you log into the portal there is a blue bell, and you click on it, and your base station name to turn the siren on or off. The gray button that says "Stop alarms" is a bit confusing. There is no indicator that says "Siren is active" or "Siren is inactive" - this should be clearly stated no matter which mode you choose. 

  1. Just some feedback, the instructions for turning the siren online are out of date.
  2. The website and app use different icons for turning the siren on and off. 

Secondly, the app uses a shield icon that is red - why is it not blue like the website? Why does't it use the same colors for armed/disarmed? It should be blue for disarmed, and red for armed. It should also use a bell icon rather than a sheild.


Arlo, do better, make your website clear and consistent with your app, make it clear for people to know when the siren is armed and disarmed, and update your web portal instructions for tinkering with a 100 decibel alarm system. Customers need clear indicators and right now it's a hot mess. 


Also, don't force customers to use your garbage label system to post. 

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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