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Alarm Randomly Turns On During Dark Power Outage With Battery Backup

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Jyad Guide

We are having high wind gusts in the Pacific Northwest and power is out. It is close to midnight and dark. I have modem, router and arlo base station connected to a large APC battery backup so it is running.
It is dark in my living room and there is an arlo wirekess camera in the living room.
Normally I have some sort of light all night in the living room but tonight it is pitch dark.
The camera in the living room has registered 2 motions in the last 30 minutes and turned on the alarm. It is in night vision mode. Both times it recorded for 11 seconds.
Why would this happen?
Would passing cars or the window vibration from the wind cause it?
This camera in the living room is set to detect MOTION only. Not sounds.
Why would it turn on the alarm?

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Guru jguerdat Guru

It has to be IR that causes motion detection. DO you have a fire going in a fireplace or similar?

Jyad Guide

We have an enclosed gas mantle/ fireplace with a glass front but we never use it. Would the pilot light hidden behind it somehow do it?
I cannot think of any other IR source in the room. The living room is on the first floor and the windows are closed at night.. There is a 10 foot yard between the windows and the street..
There is a Carbon monoxide alarm in the room that is plugged in. It was still showing some red letters during the outage. Would that by any chance have any IR? It would have that whether there is an outage or not.

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Guru jguerdat Guru

Anything is possible but you would need to run tests to see what causes the issue - difficult to do. One thing that may help would be to reduce the sensitivity in your modes since you probably don't need to have it very high in a room and still have adequate detection.