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ARLO keeps saying wrong log-in info

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Khone Luminary

Here's the problem. I have security software that saves log-in info for all of my various accounts - bank, credit cards, ARLO, etc. and automatically enters that info when I access any of my accounts.

For about 1 week now, everytime I try to log in to my account the ID/Pasword is automatically entered by my security software. Now, ARLO says info is incorrect. So, I manually enter the password (same one in my security software) and I'm able to log in to my account. Not a real big deal - just a pain in the a___!!!

Why is this happening now when I never had that problem before.

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.

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Guru TomMac Guru

It's obv it's your security software...

So delete the saved data and resave it again... OR just don't use it

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Guru jguerdat Guru

First, remove the Arlo entry completely from your software and then add it back in, just to verify it's a clean entry.


Then, I find on some sites I have to click in the username or password box to get it properly filled. Don't know why and it's only on a few sites. I'm using Keepass2 as my password manager, if that helps.

Khone Luminary

Thanks for your response.

Did as you suggested. Still doesn't work.

So, I clicked on my link, when the log in page opened, I clicked on Forgot Password. When through the process of making a new log in password. Then, when I clicked on my desktop icon, ID/password automatically entered. Again, wrong. So, again, I manually entered the new password and my account opened.

Obviously something in ARLO/Netgear software that is doing this.

That's ok. I will continue to manually enter password. Pain in the a___!!!!!. Only site I have to do it.