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Re: arlo pro 2 vs pro 3 storage

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I am still looking into getting the Arlo pro 2, but wanting to do my due dilagence I thought it best to compare the Pro 2 to the 3. My specific question is the following after seeing a comparison online between the two different types.

Both have free cloud storage. The Pro 2 has 7 day cloud storage FOEREVER. The Pro 3 has 3 months free but then you need a subscription.  So there is NO 7 day or some other option other than subscribing for storage ?

Also is there any storage options other than the Cloud ? Our current 8 camera system has a sd card in each camera that stores several days of info.  If I were to get FREE 7 days storage with the pro2 and no other option but to subscribe for the pro 3, then I would go with the pro 2.


The Pro 3 is more expensive, but has better features.

But the subscription requirement is something pushing me back to the Pro 2.





Free Cloud Storage Seven Days
(in perpetuity for life of the system)
Three month Arlo Smart subscription trial
(after trial requires paid subscription)
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@John2000 wrote:

Also is there any storage options other than the Cloud ?


Pro 2 and Pro 3 can both store recordings on a USB drive.


What is Direct Storage Access and how do I use it?


To complete your due diligence,  it might help to check the manuals for these systems:


Get them here:


Arlo - Security Cameras and Systems


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