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reduce glass reflection Arlo Pro inside glass window

I realize that the Arlo pro will not detect motion from inside glass.  I am using it as a sound detector and also to watch my car that is parked outside my apartment. 


I do not have the option of using it outside at my place.  I have mounted it on the glass window right above my front door and it does a decent job capturing sounds.  For instance, if I am at work and someone tries to knock on my door or if there is any kind of noise very close to the door it starts recording and sends me an alert (I have turned off the siren option for this camera), and that is good enough for me


It works great during daytime. I have been alerted of solicitors knocking on my door and it records them while doing it...

During night time,  I have my front door light on, and it can still see someone if they come right to my front door and knock. However, it is hard to see my car which is a few feet out, because of the reflections


I know the IR sensors cause a reflection, so I have tried turing night vision off, but no luck

The issue is, I see  a lot of reflections from the inside of my apartment.  I leave a light on in my living room, and the glass reflects the inside of the living room on the image....


I tried hanging a partial black curtain on the glass right above the front door and it helps somewhat, but it still does not eliminate the reflections entirely


Is there a shroud or something I can place on the camera so that it can see outside the glass but no images are reflected into the camera?

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: reduce glass reflection Arlo Pro inside glass window

I guess with you using the camera in a manner it's not intended to be used, you're a bit out on your own here. Using a thick cloth or curtain to stop the camera seeing any reflected images is about all you can do I'd say. You could put the camera lens hard up against the glass so there's no room for reflection

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Re: reduce glass reflection Arlo Pro inside glass window

It would be easier to add an external IR illuminator.... 850nm wavelenght


I use an old IR flood from Vuezone and it works really good, adds about 30 ft vis


But, place the cam directly to the glass, I use a curtain behind it.

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Re: reduce glass reflection Arlo Pro inside glass window

Thank you.  I do realize that I am not using the camera  for its intended purpose.   


I thought about putting the camera right against the glass to minimize reflection, but the problem is, the glass window is right above the front door, so putting it right against the glass would mean it would be looking straight out and miss anyone who is right at the front door.


I am not 100% sure what the angle/field of vision of the camera is.  I read somewhere that it is 110 degrees which means it would see 55 degrees down and 55 degrees up. The 55 degrees up would be a total waste if the camera is placed right against the glass.  I need a better angle of vision downwards and that is why I placed it at an angle against the glass...


Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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