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Will the 4k ultra be able to replace my Pro 2 and stay on the free 7 day plan?

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Doublestack00 Follower

I have 4 Q Plus and 1 Pro 2, I would like to just buy a single 4K Ultra as soon as they are released to replace my Pro 2.  Will the Ultra work with the free 7 day plan I currently have?  


I want more cameras but stay at 5 to keep on the free plan and do not want to start paying monthly or yearly, I think at that point I will just switch to wired.

Master Streak2 Master

I See no reason why not providing you keep the count to 5.

You could also get an ultra with a base and register that base with a different email address.

Use grant access between the two bases and now have 6 cameras without having to pay.

Master st_shaw Master


Keep in mind that Arlo plans to charge you a recurring fee for 4K resolution on the Ultra cameras.