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Video recording length not constant

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Arlo5768 Tutor

So here’s the thing, I have been trying to set the video recording length on my 3No Pro 2 Cameras using the edit mode and could never get the recording length to be consistent. I recently purchased the Smart Plan (UK) for one of my cameras at £1.99 a month ...and just like magic all 3 cameras now record for the duration that I set them. Now I be cynical but it seems to me that you give more cash and some problems just go away. If that sounds like a conspiracy of my Pro 2 cameras recorded in colour for a few seconds in the early evening and seconds later the recording was in night vision.
What will I have to pay to find that pro 2 cameras are in fact capable of colour night vision....or is that too unbelievable?

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Dannybear Mentor
It is common to see the cameras switch back and forth, colour and monochrome with lighting that’s close to twilight. The auto light detection in the camera determines this.
As to the conspiracy, I regularly find that negative posting here to the forum often results in my base and cameras going offline immediately after, not to mention posts being deleted or edited, cloud recordings going missing so I am not surprised to hear about what you have observed.
Remember that this is a arlo controlled forum that has access to you system.
Guru jguerdat Guru

Now, now. I suppose that my "superuser" status is the only reason my system generally works fine (but not always). Just as with a neighbor supposedly hacking someone's system, there's no evidence of anyone being significant enough to warrant the effort. That's not to say that you or anyone else isn't having problems, just that conspiracy theories don't get us anyplace useful.

Arlo5768 Tutor
Recording 2 minutes after midnight the lighting level outside had been dark for hours yet for this recording the Pro 2 was able to record in colour
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Guru TomMac Guru

It does have to do with available light ( if B/W or color ).... Ive seen that at time with a full moon it switches back from b/w... it depends on where the level is ( and diff cameras react very slightly diff to amount of light )

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