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Unable to use my camera after I was forced to change my password

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dederave Follower

I have not been able to use my camera
I am forced to change the password constantly and then I cannot sign on.
Tonight I didn't get the password reset until
I tried three times. Now I am getting a message to upgrade. It is past 11pm at night
and I am supposed to get up at 4am.
Unacceptable. I cannot use my security camera so please advise me if I need to return the equipment or there is way to get my service to work

brh Master


You are doing something wrong. In three and a half years I have never been asked or forced to change my password. Tell us a little bit more about your setup and when this is happening.



Sensei michaelkenward Sensei

... and to follow up the question from @brh , where does the plan come into this?


Take people through the steps you take, describe where things going wrong and what happens.


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