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System Does Not Record, Solar Charger Does Not Charge, Audio Does Not Work

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703WhoDat Tutor

Looking for any help or suggestions I can get. I have restarted the base station, the firm ware is up to date, I have rearranged the camera positions, I have unlinked and relinked the camera, I have adjusted the camera positions and sensativities, I have tried activity zones, restored default settings. I have tried wired and on battery. NOTHING HELPS. I am begining to think I have a $2K paperweight. 

Here are my issues

1. Solar charger does not charge

2. Arlo is not recording everything. It maybe records 50% of the activity.For example today my dog was in his crate. The dog walker went in and took him out. That is on video. He now is magically back in his crate. There is not video of how he got there or how log the walk was. They pasted three cameras to go in and out. Second exmaple from today. I got a vehicle notification when no one should be there. I opened and wathced live. It was FedEx. I watched him throwing and kicking the packages in my drievway. Tossing them out of his truck and then kicking them to the garage door. None of this is recorded. You only see him pulling up and leaving. None of him moving around in the driveway.

3. The audio does nto work. I can hear the other side but they cannot hear me


Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

1) solar panel will charge usu during a few hours before and after high noon... panel needs full sun to work.

It will not charge if the cam is under 32F...

2) You may have to adjust the sense level up a bit, make sure your not covering an area bigger than the detect range ( about 25 ft for people ).. done by editing mode you arm with

3) it seems some phones don't work well... try it with Fire fox on the web at

Mic levels just not adjustable on some phones


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