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Solar panels killing battery

I recently purchased the Arlo pro2. I had a Arlo pro system already with 2 solat panels. Well I bought 2 more solar panels so all 4 cameras would have solar panels. It seems the new panels are bad. Before I left the keys I noticed the solar panel draining a camera. I switched cameras and it did the same thing. Meanwhile no problems with the panels I bought a year ago. So I brought the one panel back from the keys and returned it. About a day after I left the keys I noticed the camera with the other new panel was dead. Well its a 6 hour drive and I will be back at the house in March. It did start working for 1 day as the camera was charged at 100 percent but its dead again. The arlo solar panels must have had a bad batch.
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Re: Solar panels killing battery

While it's a 6 hour drive to get to them, keep your receipt and open a acse with support here for an RMA:

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Re: Solar panels killing battery

I had a similar problem with the solar panels killing the batteries within a few days. Tech support had me uninstall the cameras from the system and then reinstall and that worked
Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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