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Siren alarm button not showing on iOS app (see screenshot)

Hi all. We have the Arlo Pro2 cameras and ever since we have updated the app on our Iphones we are unable to chose the alarm for when motion is detected... we would really like to solve this issue. Any help? There is no option on our app anywhere to activate the siren. There used to be and its gone

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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brh Master

Re: Siren alarm button not showing on iOS app (see screenshot)


To activate the siren manually click on the red circle with the shield in it at the top right of the picture yoou posted.

To have the siren activate when motion is detected, go to Mode > Armed, ( or custom mode if you have created one), > Edit Mode, ( click on the rule for any camera, ( pencil in the app, arrow on the web), and at the bottom of that page click on Add Sevice. The siren should be listed.

I recommend that you go to Settings > My Devices and you will notice the Base station name. Underneath that there is a second, but indented) name of the Base Station, (the indented one is the siren), and rename it and use the word Siren in the name.  Example: Living Room Siren.



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