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[Potential Fix] Asus Routers with Arlo Devices

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I hope this helps some folks with their Arlo devices.


My devices

Arlo Pro 2 Cameras

Base - VMB4000r3

Essential Wireless Doorbell

Asus AC-5300


A little history with what I was experiencing with my Arlo Pro 2 Cameras and Essential Wireless Doorbell.

When I first bought my my Arlo Pro 2 package, the set up was fairly easy. I was able to set the whole thing up without a hitch. What I did notice though on the Arlo app was at times, I couldn't connect and view the cameras through the app. It was really random and couldn't find any common factor what could be causing it. I logged times, etc etc. Signal at my house was pretty much good all around since I don't have a big house.

I looked at logs on my router and wireless logs, nothing.

Reboot the router and it's all good for a couple of days. Reboot the base and it's good for a couple of days. Connection to view from the app would be good for a couple of days and then become inconsistent.

At times I would be able to view on one camera but not the others or 2 cameras but not the 3rd one. Close the app and relaunch, I would be able to see all cameras but I wouldn't be able to do the same on another mobile device with the Arlo app. So at this point I lived with

December 2020, I purchased the Essential Wireless Doorbell. Upon receiving it, I tried to set it up and was dependent on 2.4 GHz.  I couldn't figure out why I was having issues when my signal was full strength and I was literally 4-5 ft away from my router. I rebooted both router and base. All devices connected and still had issues trying to set up the doorbell. At that time, I stopped and figured I'll try again.

Coincidentally I bought a HP wireless photo printer and Dyson Air purifier. The Air purifier was also dependent on 2.5 GHz wireless. Same thing, had issues setting both up.

I researched HP printer issues with Asus routers and found a blog. In that blog mentioned to disable Airtime Fairness in the router. So I did and tested.

Low and behold, the issue I was having with my Arlo app and viewing devices...GONE. I can consistently view all my cameras at all times. 10 days and counting.

I set up my Essential Wireless Doorbell with ease along with my Dyson Air Purifier.

The HP printer + the HP app has been working and not losing connection. This is the same for my Brother  Printer. It stays online.

Sorry for the long post but here are the settings in my Asus router and I'm sure it applies to other Asus Wifi Routers.

Login to your wireless router

Go to Wireless

Click on Professional tab

Band - select your 2.4 GHz

Airtime Fairness - Disable

Reboot your router


If you have an Asus AX router you might want to check Target Wake Time function.

The Asus AX router has an “Target Wake Time” function in Wifi >> ‘General’ for the latest IoT devices to help conserve power. It has this option for both the 5Ghz and 2.4GHz bands.

If you still have lingering issues after disabling "Airtime Fairness" on 2.4. Try disabling “Target Wake Time” for the 2.4GHz band.


If you have a different router but experiencing the same issue, you may want to check if your router has a similar setting "Airtime Fairness" .

Discussion stats
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  • 1 In Conversation