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New to Arlo - First impression on Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Audio Doorbell

I recently purchased an Arlo Pro 2 kit, including 2 cameras , an audio doorbell, and a base station. I had no issues with installation and set up, although camera positioning can be a bit tricky when mounting under soffits in order for the night vision to work properly. Some of the terminology used for set points, such as the motion sensitivity slider could be improved upon. Initially I was unsure as to what direction to move the slider to decrease sensitivity. I also discovered that there are some camera features that can only be used when cameras are connected with AC power. I was pretty upset over this, mainly because I missed it during my research, however, Arlo is not very forthcoming with this info. For the price that Arlo charges the AC power cords should be included.

Regarding the audio doorbell, it’s useless without video, therefore, you are forced to purchase another camera for $160.00, like I just did. Overall My opinion of the product is quite favorable, however, my opinion of Arlo marketing practices are very unfavorable.  Finally, I would me remiss not to mention my dissatisfaction with the fact that there is no motion sensitivity adjustment on the doorbell.

Arlo must revise its software to include a motion sensitivity adjustment on the doorbell ASAP, and send all its customers AC power cords.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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