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New To Arlo - New pProblems & Concerns

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I came from the Blink cameras.  So far the Arlo pro2 solves my Blink deal breakers:  There is a siren to activate, mobile notifications happen almost instant (2-3 seconds), and 2-way radio.  The following Arlo deal breakers are bugging me and I am wondering if this is typical behavior.  I am hearing a lot of talk about a "crippled app":


First off Netgear, *PLEASE* remove your advertizing upon opening the app.  I am aware of your plans.  And I know how to get them.  If I need to get into the app asap the LAST thing I want to have to click on is the X to close an ad.


Retrieval of footage:  It's not easy to find the video it just recorded.  I get a notification on my phone and whether I click on the notification (Android) or if I just open the app itself, I have no idea where it's going to take me.  Most of the time it does not go to the library.  I'd say about 50% of the time the video does not even appear.  I have to refresh the screen (dragging down) or I have to shut down the app and restart.  Then I can see the footage.


Watching live during motion activation:
When it's sensing motion and I want to switch to live mode, I can't.  It just spins "Connecting".  I can eventually connect after all the action has passed.  This is a real problem.


I don't really get it.  Maybe there's a setting I missed?  Are these behaviors typical?  If I can't reliably review recent/live recordings or monitor live, than this system is pretty useless.  At best, it will make for a great "aftermath" survellance system, while the suspect is long gone.  Is Netgear aware and fixing?  I have until the end of January for my Amazon return window.  After this then I will go to Ring or look into some PoE cameras. 

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Which version of the app are you using? I thought they got rid of the advertising a while back.
When you click on the notification banner, it currently takes you to a livestream of that camera BUT this system does not automatically record while it's livestreaming. You have to manually hit record. I've suggested automatically recording live streams but we'll see.

If you get a notification and open the app via the icon, it'll not take you straight to a live stream

The video won't be in the library until it finishes recording and uploading. If you're recording for 2 minutes, it's a long time between getting the motion notification and being able to watch the video

Blanker Guide
Thanks. Using android there is nothing that will take me to the live recording. Whether i open the app or click on the notification I am always brought to the devices page. On there I can see a still of the action. The next level is to then go to live mode. Then watch the recording. This seems like the intended workflow.