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Motion detection with trees and road noise with Arlo Pro

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steveomac Guide

i have had the camera system installed for a couple of months now.

All has been working fine during the summer months, had to make a few setting changes to cope with severe windy days, by creating a Windy mode.

Now the the weather is changing i am now getting more notifications 68 (on a single night) on windy or rainy days due to the tree and cars passing when the road is wet.

Have tried motion detection and that helped, and also tried setting the sound down to 1 and motion down to 10% and still get lots of notifications.

Why cant activity zones be set on battery? if so i could exclude the tree.

I have saved the video footage of both day and night time, but cant upload to the website

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

Sounds like you also need to relocate or angle the camera differently...

remember that the PIR on;y work out to 25 ft for people so try to not cover more area than the camera can detect and also eliminate road if able..

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steveomac Guide

Many thanks for your reply.

My issue is that i cant re-locate without the camera being within camera shot of the tree.

if i move it to the the other side of the driveway it then faces the roadway, which would be 12m / 39 feet away.

Will i then not pick up movement from the roadway?

NewfieDrool Luminary

You can upload to YouTube if you have an account.

personally I tried the trial subscription and found the Smart zones pretty much useless sadly. 
like you I have a road and have sacrificed coverage area to avoid motion detection form the road. Unfortunately if you have a tree and it’s within the range of the camera it’s going to pick up motion and your battery life will be shortened.


You could always try a single camera subscription which allows smart zones which is what I tried. Don’t forget you get a free months trial. I found if you want the maximum three zones for some reason motion detection failed altogether but if you drop down to 2 it worked but I still got plenty of false notifications and in my particular case to cover the van it still had a bit of coverage on the road but I didn’t find it very helpful at all but you can always try it for one month the little amount they charge for a single camera and if you find it does not work you can simply cancel your subscription.

steveomac Guide

Many thanks for your reply.

I have a single camera on the porch which is connected to power, which uses the activity zones and it doesn't really seem to work very well.

Will try and move the camera and point downward to avoid the road and see if that any better

steveomac Guide

Update so far!

Moved the camera to the other side of the driveway and trimmed the tree.

It doesn't seemed to have cured the issue so far,  last night i had 108 notifications and reviewing the footage i cant see anything on the footage. 


Going to try and swap the camera over for the garden cam to see if the issue moves with it.