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Is The Solar Panel An Efficient Power Supply?

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So I just got these cameras a week ago, simple set up, great picture during the day, terrible night time image. I live in a up scale neighborhood and with that we’ve had a string of several break ins recently being the reason for this purchase. This morning at 1:30 they broke in my truck and came back at 6:30 while my wife and I were awake, got the notification and immediately ran outside but he had gotten off and got a huge item off the back of my truck. The 6:30 image is better because day light was just breaking.


All that said It never picked him up coming into my drive way, so I bought the CVR plan for future issues and I find out it has to be plugged into a power source, so my question is the solar panel enough to power it to run the cvr or do I need to run a outlet to that location?


i also heard the Arlo Pro 1 cameras have a cleaner night time image, so I’ve ordered two of them as well to try. 

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Master st_shaw Master


Solar panels only keep the battery topped off. They do not have enough power to allow CVR.


The Pro1s do have a brighter nightime image. The resolution is lower though.


Another option is to use a visibile or IR light near the camera.  This will give you the best quality at night.


Another option is to place an Arlo light near the camera.  They have IR motion sensors and will come on when motion is detected.