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Enjoyed service of Arlo Pro 2 till it mentions needing to buy license for more than 5 cameras?

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Dear Arlo,

Your customer service is not very good at understanding English. They stated they were located in India and the Philippines. After trying several times over 24:24 (at the time I am writing this review, they still do not understand what i am trying to ask. I asked several times "can I please talk to someone in the USA so that the barrier of understanding each other isn't so difficult?" She stated that there is no ability to talk to someone in the USA. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of concern for your customers who may have the same experience. Just think of your senior citizens who would have fewer patience than me. My factory is in China so I am used to this, but this time I seem to have way to many issues with her understanding of my issues.

Here is why I called:
I own several properties in West Virginia I am developing. I have enjoyed the service for a few months with the Arlo Pro 2 (4 cameras) I purchased at BestBuy. I purchased another system yesterday at Best Buy for my another home in West Virginia. Each base unit is good for a 5 camera license at no additional charge. Best Buy agreed with this statement. So I did some research on your website that confirmed this also. So I purchased a 2nd system (3 cameras) at Best Buy in Charleston WV for the 2nd house. When I set everything up, it stopped me at the 2nd camera saying I need to buy a license to have more than 5 cameras. If I have 2 base units in two total different homes in two different towns, why do I need to buy a license?!?!? This is why I called. She couldnt understand the question and issue I was having.

Since the call and reading message boards, here is where I am either confused or totally wanting to return the cameras, base stations, and doorbells. I get it, you have 5 cameras to put on a base unit license-free. At a cost of $500+ per base + 4 cameras, why would anyone in this world buy two base units for the same house???? It's insane to pay that much for an extra base and cameras when you can save a great deal by buying the license. if its due to the size of your house, wifi extenders are a lot cheaper then an ARLO Base. so why would I buy two whole systems for two different homes and still pay for a license? Your retailer representing your product made it very clear to me I was making the right purchase to secure both homes without any additional cost. Now, based on this sales model (if I understand it correctly) is that I either pay for two base stations, an additional license or...... Make two accounts (one for each base unit) thus putting my properties at risk if I am not logged into the property that is being robbed at the time, thus costing me additional money.

I am hoping that this is a total misunderstanding and that this not your sales model. If It is your sales model, please send me a R.A. and Ill ship these two units back to you tomorrow.

Thank you in advance.


Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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why would anyone in this world buy two base units for the same house????

Multi bases are the only True way to expand coverage area


And, yes, it is true that you are limited to 5 cameras on the basic ( free ) level of service... but not bases nor location

So you could run 3 bases in different states with under total of 5 cameras and still be free.


Once you go above 5 cameras, the next two levels of 10 and 15 cameras are a paid service.


Of course you could set up two accounts using different emails/pw and remain on the free service if you so desired.


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