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Double notification and status takes forever to load since last app update

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Dougke Follower

Who else is getting double notifications and status takes forever to load since last app update?

jook00 Aspirant

Two in our family are having issues with double notifications. Double notifications for everything since the update.


Also, Arlo seems to be having issues even before this update:

  • Slow loading the library
  • Having to reenter credentials at times.
  • Slow loading camera
  • Camera not responding
  • etc...
Putnum Aspirant

Every thread I've seen on this issue is "closed due to inactivity" and recommends a 15 step process of deleting my Samsung cloud data (NOT AN OPTION.) so I was wondering if Netgear has solved their app issue yet.

Problem arose for me on an update my S9 did over Easter weekend.

If the problem is not fixed by Netgear I can return my 3 camera pack under the Australian consumer guarantee.

April19_ Aspirant

We aren't getting any notifications since I paid for an annual subscription and my cameras stopped recording videos in the library. 4 phone calls to customer service and many hours spent without a resolution.

Guru jguerdat Guru

What notifications are you missing - normal or Smart? What is your subscription for? What have you tried? Have you checked that notifications are enabled both in the your modes and rules as well as the permissions for the app on your phones?

April19_ Aspirant

We are missing normal alerts for motion, and both cameras stopped recording to the library. I've verified all settings with the tech people...allegedly it's being escalated. It's been 7 days now.

DanNM Star
Seriously, I've tried all the recommendations from previous posts but nothing works!

Downloaded the latest version that was released very recently but still nothing works.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
Guru jguerdat Guru

While it's a PITA, the fastest way to get going is frequently a system reset. Remove all devices from Settings, My Devices. Hold the reset button until the LEDs flash amber. Let the base reboot and claim it normally using Add Device on the Devices tab. Sync the cameras. Update firmware as you go if prompted. 


If you do this, be sure to write down your settings, modes, rules and schedule to speed rebuilding.

dhughesjr Initiate

I have done multiple things and nothing seems to work. I was getting double notifications on my phone for the past month. now that I uninstalled the app I cannot get any type of notifications and my is now getting double notifications... I don't really see this as being secure. As my wife is usually busy when they go off.


As far I know I have the latest firmware... I hate to say that I'm thinking of going with another security system just because I'm unhappy with this system and the support is pretty much crap. The main reason I will not use their routers/ switches...

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera