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Cloud Or USB Recording Help (Arlo Pro 2)

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MaddSweetGT500 Aspirant

Hello, When I plug in a USB device to the Arlo Base, it will record to that USB device and it won't record to the cloud. Is there a way to have the USB device as a back-up recording destination in the event that my WiFi goes down? I like that it records to the Cloud but I would like to have some sort of back-up to that if my WiFi goes down. At the moment I have the USB device disconnected because I like having the cloud recordings ready to watch. TIA!!!

Model: Arlo Pro Wire-Free
ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

When this occurs you do not have videos in your library? What are the status LED lights on the base station when you have the USB drive plugged in?

MaddSweetGT500 Aspirant

I would have the videos on the USB stick, but not in the cloud. as far as I know all 3 lights were on. I will double check i na few days. My internet had to go offline for the next few days for rewireing. I will get back to you as soon as its up and running for testing. I'm assuming that if I don't have internet the cloud portion wont work regardless.