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Can one phone receive notifications from 2 different arlo camera systems?

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capnbo Aspirant

My wife gets notifications from her work Arlo Pro camera system on her phone. I understand you can only have one app per phone. Is it possible to set up phone notifications to her phone from a home Pro 2 system also? I read about granting admistrative rights to freinds but it did not include notifications. This will make the difference if we can purchase an Arlo Pro 2 system for our home. She must be able to get camera activity notifications from both work and home cameras on her phone. Thanks.

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ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @capnbo


If you set up your wife as a granted access user, she will be able to receive your home systems notifications. I have provided a link here for you in case you would like further details pertaining the granted access feature.


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