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CVR Quit Recording. (among other issues)

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SOTS Aspirant

In order to get an answer to my problem, I am creating this post at the suggestion of Customer Service.  I have a 6-camera package of the Arlo Pro 2.  I purchased a CVR plan on one of the cameras so I could get recorded evidence of a known trespasser.  Upon finding footprints he left in the snow this morning, I was excited to finally get some recorded evidence.  Unfortunately, when I went to the timeline of my camera, I discovered the camera had quit recording on Feb 5.  It is now Feb 11.  There is no issue with the camera, because I can manually take snapshots and recordings.  After customer service had me go through a few steps, our last option was to cancel the CVR subscription, then pick up the service again.  Voila!  It works--for now.  The rep couldn't explain why this happened, but he did let me know I wasn't the first to make this complaint.  I am very upset that I spent $1000 on these cameras, can't get a refund because I've had them for 8 months, and most importantly, I can't rely on them.  As a side note, the CVR problem isn't the only issue I've had.  Recently, one of the cameras wouldn't STOP recording.  Once it detected motion and started recording, it would record for the maximum 5 minutes, long after the motion had stopped.  After several phone calls, spending a couple hours (I mean hours) total on the phone, repeating the same troubleshooting steps over and over, I was instructed to return the base station for replacement (which cost me $16 shipping just so I wouldn't be completely down for a couple weeks).  That didn't solve the issue, so I had to return the camera for replacement (which cost me ANOTHER $16)...So, back to my CVR concern--would the engineers PLEASE tell me why this is happening, AND, get it fixed???  The cops won't do anything unless I have photos or video.  I thought I FINALLY got the !@#$%^& on camera after 3 weeks of waiting, just to find out the system let me down--again!

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@Louis_ArloPM , @JamesC?


This has been happening for a long time.

Louis_ArloPM Arlo Employee
Arlo Employee

Hey, please PM your account e-mail and i'll forward it to our engineers

SOTS Aspirant

A followup to my original post...Never heard back from Arlo concerning my CVR problem.  Now, I just realized that for the past 5 hours, the CVR was not working again.  I just got off the phone with Arlo to let them know there was a problem AGAIN, and I cancelled my CVR plan for good.  BUYERS BEWARE!!  The only saving grace about my system, is that I can use it for outbuildings that have no electric.  Otherwise, the system is UNRELIABLE.  I SURE WISH I COULD GET MY MONEY BACK!  I also wish I would have taken the time and effort to wire a conventional camera system with DVR.  Those cameras would have cost less, had better video quality, and longer range of motion detection.  VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER HERE!

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Arlo Moderator



I wanted to let you know, Customer Service reached out to you on two occasions. After reviewing your case #40717362 It appears the customer support team reached out to you on 02/13/19 & 02/16/19. Did these replies happen to go to your spam folder in your email? I don't want any future inquiries to get lost. Please let me know if you have any questions.