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Batteries Won't Charger With The Power Cable

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Shuo Aspirant

First of all the arlo calling service system is the worst system I have ever used in my life so far. Please spend more money on a better call back system. 


Second, I have three arlo pro 2 devices, and all of them have troubles on recharging through the recharging cable. When my battery reached 23%, it automaticly turned off and disconnected from the base. So I simplely pluged in the cable, and then blue light flashed few times. Then I open my app, the camera connected automaticly, eveything was in the right position, and the app also shows the battery is charging. So I turned it off and wait. One day later, the battery was still 23%, after I unpluged the cable, the camera disconnected from app immidiately. So I switched to a different power source and re-pluged the cable and wait another day. One day later, it was still 23%. So I moved the location a little bit and unpluged the cable, open the battery case, pluged it back in many times and finally it worked. But after I recharge the first one, same thing happen to my second one, I think the cable or maybe the batteries were broken, I only recharged my camera 2-3 times, and every single time, I have to spend almost one week to make sure all my cameras were fully charged. 


I called the support team, but the call back system was a garbage, it either took my number un-correctly or just repeat my number again and again without stop. 

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

Make sure you are using the supplied ac adapter and cable.


If trouble continues, contact Arlo support


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Shuo Aspirant

The supplied ac adapter and cable are the only ones I have and use. and also I called the support team, but the call back system is useless. I have waited in line for almost half day yesterday. 

Guru jguerdat Guru

You can try a charger that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge capability (like recent Samsung phones, and has both 5v and 9v outputs) to see if it's the charger. Dead batteries may nned a kick in the arse to get going - check the FAQs here for how to do that.