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Base Station Lock up

Looks like there was a firmware update to restore notifications, but now my base station is locking up. Had to pull the power on it to be able to view live cameras etc again this morning. This is getting extremely frustrating as an Arlo customer. I have too much $ invested in this system for it to perform like this lately.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Re: Base Station Lock up

Hey guys - ever since my base station received this update the same thing has been happening to me... it will randomly drop all camera connections and reset itself. This is super annoying because when it happens it takes forever to get my doorbell to sync back...

I just bought a 5 camera system from Costco when it went on sale for 599 - and shortly after added the doorbell, chime, and 4 security lights.....

There have been some weird issues with the iPhone app occasionally - but for the most part things have worked fairly well until this recent update....

Searching about this issue caused me to read through the countless horror stories of their Arlo systems and I seem to see a trend of extreme disappointment - and more recently that firmware updates have messed up more than they have resolved.

Perhaps the poor launch of the Arlo Ultras combined with the public’s general consensus that Arlo doesn’t care about its customers is the end of this company.... it’s a real shame as I love the concept and the hardware of this system - but it’s clear Arlo can’t get their act together to resolve the software and firmware issues plaguing their users experiences.... and furthermore they are only out for the cash grab in subscription packages (that’s obvious with the Ultra payment structure and no basic/free recording service any longer included)....

I think I chose the wrong security system - and I am 90% sure this is all getting returned to Costco (thankful for their amazing return policy of 90 days). Unless somehow Arlo miraculously addresses these issues in a hurry - which is extremely doubtful.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Re: Base Station Lock up

You are a lucky person.

Return the whole system when you can. Don't wait.


Arlo has issues with their system for two times in two months, get another system. 

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Re: Base Station Lock up



Are you still experiencing this issue woth your system?

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Re: Base Station Lock up

Hello @ShayneS

Thank you for the message and checking on me. The issue I am still having is that if the lowered video quality/granular compression that others have noted after the recent base station firmware update.

To try and resolve all other random reboots and dropped connections, I completely removed all devices from my account, uninstalled app phone apps on my wife and I’s iPhones - and factory reset all devices... I then readded them to my account, and setup my trigger settings one again... this was the second time going through this painstaking long process and that was yesterday. So far so good - again only a half day in... I’ll report back after a few more days. Really hopeful there aren’t anymore reboots or dropped doorbell and chime. By the way I have equipment positioned centrally in my house. All devices have full bars or 3 bars at all times and my internet upload is about 15mbps and 300mbps down. So I know signal is not the issue at all.

Is there any status update for a fix on the lessened video quality that was noted as being worked on in another thread?

Thanks again for acknowledging our concerns and trying to help our your customers!
Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Re: Base Station Lock up

HI @Mjbeuke


That is good news! We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I do not have any updated information at the moment, but as stated in the main thread, we are currently working on the fix and will provide an update to that thread as soon as possible, Thank you for your patience & feel free to PM me with any concerns. we are always here to assist you & the community.. 

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Re: Base Station Lock up

Hello @Mjbeuke ,


I saw that you added a comment on the manual firmware update, but that idea is Nov 4, 2016,

If this is what you intent to do, please discard my comment here.


If not, I think you want to comment to these two ideas:

Please support the following two ideas, please leave a like,  so that they can no longer do this again in the future:


Roll back to previous firmware from current firmware


Manual Firmware Update:

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