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Arlo pro 2 No Notification & Battery Drains Fast

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Mltk96 Tutor

I added a new Arlo pro 2 model, that is pointing towards a street with some car movement. I setup zones for it, only for the sidewalk and the building entrance, and I have smart Arlo subscription.
With all of that, I don't receive any notifications, don't see any recording, and it's battery drain after several days.
Not sure what's going on.
2 other Arlo pro 2 cameras works as expected.


Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Master steve_t Master

I guess what's happening is every car that goes past is triggering the camera to record. The recording is sent to the servers to analyse. The analysis comes back to say the car is outside your zone or an object you don't want a recording or notification for so you get none of either. But obviously the camera still has to work very hard to provide the server with these videos for analysis so the battery drains quickly

Mltk96 Tutor

How come I'm not getting notifications/records for the sidewalk? There are people walking there constantly.

Any suggestions on how to preserve battery life then? Had no idea I'll need to deal with battery replacement every few days😕

Master steve_t Master

Does your Arlo Smart tell you a person is detected if you walk in front of that camera?

To get better battery life, you'll need to reposition the camera. If you want what it's showing you'll probably need to consider full time AC power for it or at the very least a solar panel, but that won't be enough if it's constantly recording