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Arlo Pro 2 System Camera Range. Need assistance with extending WiFi range.

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Skunk123 Follower

Hi Need assistance with extending Wifi range to one of three cameras.

I have purchased a VMS 4330P 3 camera system. I curently have base station wired to my router and 2 cameras are within 20mtrs and signal strenghth is good. Third camera is much further away but still has enogh signal strength.

My question is how do I extend the range to this camera as I would like to move it further away?  I have a wiFi extender (Netgear AC750 Model EX3700 closer to this third camera. How can i utilise it?

Do I need to move my Arlo base station to this extender and plug it into its ethernet port? And just try toi locate Arlo base station more centrally? Can I conect my Arlo staion via Wifi or does it need to be connected via ethernet cable?

Any help would be appreciated 


Model: VMB4500 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
Guru jguerdat Guru

The cameras must connect directly to the base - not extenders will work. However, you can use that extender to connect a second base so you can position it closer to the porblem camera. There's no issue with multiple bases, just the total number of cameras.