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Arlo Pro 2 Camera Goes Offline Device HW version H3

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LDBMemphis Guide

I have 8 Arlo Pro 2 cameras.  None are more than a year and a half old.  I have four that work reliably.  The others go offline.  I have to remove the battery and plug the battery back in.  It goes online for a day or two.  I resync, recharge batter, swap batter, move to a different location, and the cameras will not stay online for more than 2 to 3 days.  All four are outdoors but very close to the base.  One is within line of site through a window.  I am beginning to think these things are not as weather proof as claimed.  Very frustrating!!!  I could not recommend anyone to buy these things.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

It's likely not the weatherproofing. When you say you move to a different location, are you swapping cameras between exisitng locations? Have you tried placing a camera near the base to see if it remains connected?

LDBMemphis Guide

I have a camera that at sometime last night went off line.  It isn't the first time.  It is maybe 50 feet from the base and only has one wall between.  The signal strength is very good.  I work with networks for a living and am responsible for over 2000 access points in 44 buildings.  I work with WiFi a lot.  The WiFi in my house is great and the placement of the Arlo base is in the best location possible.  I bought several new batteries to test with and that made no difference.  The firmware is updated.

Usually I have to delete the camera and then resync and add it back.  That "might" keep the camera online for a week but usually it is no more than three days.  Like I said earlier, I have four cameras that never fail and one of them is in the worst place that I have.  It is under a roof and barely gets a signal but it has never failed.  If it were a system problem that camera should be the worst but it is one of the best.  This is clearly problems with cameras.

LDBMemphis Guide

This seems to be a problem with quite a few users.  The system did not do this for the first half of the time I have owned.  I never had this problem until a few months ago.  I think this must be a buggy firmware upgrade.  If you aren't going to acknowledge this as a known issue then I will begin making plans to replace this system with one that "hopefully" works better.  That is a shame.

96709 Apprentice
I'm seeing offline instances for the cam that's still not providing motion notifications nor library videos. At this point I'm tired of constantly waiting for a fix. The affected cam is about 4 feet from the base station and pre outage was rock solid.
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LDBMemphis Guide

I have cameras regularly lose their ability to record.  I have found that if I delete the camera from the system, then resync it and then go through the entire setup for that camera again, they always go back to recording.  I have six cameras that record and about once or twice a month I have to do this to at least one of them.   I never had this problem (and other problems) until about four or five months ago.  I think they released some bad firmware and have not patched it properly.