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Arlo Pro 2 Base Station and cameras are stolen. Found them on a local website trying to sell?

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Ransuz Aspirant

I Arlo Pro 2 cameras and base station were stolen. They were missing for well over a bunch before they came back online, I now have pictures and videos of the people that have my camera. I just found them on A local website as they are trying to sell them. I need to know where to find the serial number of the base station that I’m going to see, and see if it’s mine

Sensei michaelkenward Sensei

Talked to the police?


Are you in the USA?


Have you seen this?


What do I need to know about the Arlo Theft Replacement program?


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brh Master


Are you able to view the videos and turn the cameras on/off, etc. from your app or when you log into your account on your PC?

The reason I ask is that the base station is linked to your account, (email address), and if you have not removed the devices from your account, then they should not be able to use the system unless they know your email credentials. That is why when someone does not remove the devices from their account and then resells the system, the new user is unable to get the system working.

Did you get any recordings of the theft in your Library.

If you can view the cameras being viewed in your app, after making a police report, I would contact Arlo's Customer Service.

If you go to Settings > My Devices > and select your Base and Cameras each seril number should be listed there. If you did not throw away yor box, you should be able to compare serial numbers.



Ransuz Aspirant

Thank you. Yes I have contacted the police, but I have been trying to get the cameras back on my own, and now I know who has them and yes I have been able to watch them whenever they turn on the Base and have at least one camera hooked up.

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Guru TomMac Guru

make sure you record all for evidence and D/L it to the local computer/phone

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