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Arlo Pro 2 5 camera system - can I have different 'armed' settings for the different cameras?

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JudyJudy Aspirant
Is there a way to 'arm' the cameras separately in a 5 camera system with base station? I have some cameras inside and some outside. I'd like to have the outside cameras armed to detect motion 24/7 and at the same time have the inside cameras only detect motion based on a schedule we set. And I'd like to set individual schedules for each individual indoor camera. For the life of me I can only figure out how to schedule the base system as a whole which is not what I want. Help before I box this up and return it!
Guru jguerdat Guru

Yes. Read the FAQ here on creating custom modes. Each mode would have rules for only the desired cameras for a particular time period (all cameras on for overnight, only outdoor cameras on forwhen you're home, etc.). Any camera without a rule is disarmed. Once you have the needed modes for each scenario, schedule them at the appropriate time slots to automate the switching.

JudyJudy Aspirant

Thanks - I've read the FAQ at the link below but I'm it's not fully answering my question. 


I can set up a custom mode to have my outside cameras on and inside camera off, but where to I go within that mode to set a schedule on each specific camera?  I don't want to have to remember each day to have to switch from an away custom mode (so all my cameras inside and out are monitoring) to home mode (where only my outside cameras are monitoring).

Sensei michaelkenward Sensei

@JudyJudy wrote:


I can set up a custom mode to have my outside cameras on and inside camera off, but where to I go within that mode to set a schedule on each specific camera? 

You schedule the modes, not the cameras.


So if the indoor cameras are on one mode and the outdoor cameras are on another mode, you can set a schedule that switches between outdoor and indoor when you decide.


Want them all on at some time? Create another mode and schedule that.


You can't schedule two modes to run at the same time, but you can create any number of complicated modes that work with different cameras.


Want to work with just one camera? Set a mode that addresses only that camera.

Just another user
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Curtterp Guide

Here is what you do


For the purposes of Illustration, let's say you have 2 outdoor cameras and 3 indoor cameras.


Custom Mode 1 - name it 'At Home'

Inside this mode, create rules for the 2 outdoor cameras to be Record on Motion.


Custom Mode 2 - name it 'Away from Home'

Inside this mode, create rules for all 5 cameras for Record on Motion


let's also say that you leave your home at 8 am and return at 5 pm


Schedule Mode 'Away from Home' from 8 am to 5 pm

Schedule Mode 'At Home' from 5 pm to 8 am.


Now set the base station to 'Scheduled' and let it work


Let's say you want to go out for the evening, or just go out for supper. You can set the mode for 'Away from Home' when you leave and then set the mode back to schedule when you return.


Have a good day