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Arlo Base Station Won't Sync To Second Phone

My husband and I each have the Arlo app and had Arlo for 3 years. We had an issue with our basestation after only 3 months, and just got a new one since it was under warranty. I set up Arlo on my phone since I am the primary issues. Basestation and 2 cameras synched up. Went to do it on my husband's phone and it wont 'discover' when I go to 'add new device'. 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled his app to make sure it is the newest one. I have factory reset the basestation (and had to 'add new device' back on my phone. Again, no issues on my end) but his app still won't discover it. The second globe light on the basestation blinks green when I go to discover it. The internet and camera lights are green the whole time. He is on the same wifi. He has used the app for 3 years with no issues. He has user access that I have given him since I am the primary user. 

This is the 3rd issue I have had with Arlo in 3 months and I'm ready to chuck it off the back deck. 

Please help!

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Arlo Base Station Won't Sync To Second Phone

That's because he's trying to set up a system that's already set up. Assuming he's using the same email address he has used for years with his account being granted access, he should simply log in. If that doesn't work, remove his access from Settings, Grant Access and then set him up again as if he enever had access. Be sure to follow the emailed directions carefully.

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