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Android App - Geofencing not accepting address



I purchased a 4-camera Arlo Pro 2 Wire Free one week ago and am still in the process of setting eveything up with attention now being given to geofencing.


The system is linked to my Samsung Android mobile which is Vers. 8.0.0


When setting up the geofencing I try to use my address as provided by my mobile phone GPS.   However, the Arlo Pro will not accept the address and displays the message:  "Input cannot exceed 32 characters long and should not contain any forward slash."     I am unable to reduce the number of characters in my address.   In addition, I am not using any form of punctuation marks or forwards slashes.


From studying previous community postings I see this was a subject raised in 2017.   I have tried implementing some of the remedies then suggested but to no avail.


Can anyone please assist.


As I come within the category of senior citizen (more like geriatric) who is challenged by modern technology could anyone who has a solution please keep it in simple English.


Many thanks.

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Android App - Geofencing not accepting address

Hi @Trele,


Could you provide a screenshot that shows the error that you are mentioning?

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