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Attention: Subjects not in the form of a question may be removed and not answered.

Due to the huge volume of responses to this AmA topics with subjects not in the form of a quesiton will be removed from this board and not answered. This will also cancel your entry. Please read the questions submitted. We are getting a large number of duplicates. Here are answers to some of the most common questions:


Will you be offering a Camera Exchange for Existing Arlo pro users? (No)

Will CVR and 3 Second Look back work with the Solar Panel? (No)

Is it compatible with existing Base Stations? (Yes)

How is the Picture Quality? (1080p vs. 720p, depending on connection strength, lighting and other factors. We will post a comparison soon.)

Can you use the CVR outdoors? (Not supported)

Do the Existing Accessories for Pro work? (Yes)

How do Activity Zones work? (Must be plugged into power.)

How is the battery utilized when doing 1080p? (Great, similar to Pro)


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Re: Attention: Subjects not in the form of a question may be removed and not answered.

Will the Arlo Pro 2 system come with a dedicated power supply for each camera and have a longer battery life than the Arlo Pro?
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