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face recognition on family and pets

Face recognition interface by Arlo. Instead record family member all the time, it should only record on new visitors not frequence families members. 


I'm requesting a priority R&D ticket be opened and fast tracked for human recognition identification and false alert declines.

I own 4 arlo pro 2 wifi (outdoor cameras) and 3 arlo Q indoor cameras.

It's frustrating getting tons of false alerts per day and I may need to switch systems.  I have all of my cameras set on the absolute lowest motion detection setting but they keep going off anytime there is a slight change in sun light level, minor wind blowing shrubs, or even the smallest of animals like a song bird or squirrel.

It's been absolutely ridiculous since I got the system last fall. It's constantly going off.  There needs to be a human recognition software update. As someone in IT, these algorithyms are available at competitors and probably losing market share.  

I have a dog which runs around the backyard all day when I’m at work,would it be possible for smart animal detection to recognize my dog similar to a face recognition and not record her but record everything else avoiding heaps of videos ?

I have tried moving my cameras upwards by 3feet but now can’t see the areas I wish to capture also adjusted the activity zones but are now vulnerable in areas where cameras won’t detect.




Maybe have an option to not record animal detection or others that you don’t wish to record?


Do it like wyze cam, put the person detection algorithm on camera firmware. This will decrease the notification delay.