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camera starts recording on and only stops when Motion stops

First of all, Arlo is great in theory. A wireless camera that is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection? Wonderful!


But in reality, it's a system that is more gadget gimmick, than a useful, usable security option.


However, if you could make this one change in the system, I'll deal with the usability issues on the app; I'll deal with the limitations of the camera settings; the lag in response to motion; etc., etc... If you could just make it so that the camera starts recording on motion and doesn't stop until the motion stops (with a user setting for max mins), then I'd finally be satisfied.


Otherwise, here's how it works now, and an example of what I actually get: A UPS truck pulls up, and Arlo kicks in (late) and starts recording after the truck is already parked (very annoying), but then I get 30 seconds (my setting is 30 secs) of the truck sitting there as the driver gets the package from the back. Then Arlo shuts down, the driver gets out with my package and walks up my driveway (about a 20 second walk) at which point Arlo is starting up again for another 30 second clip. Arlo starts up again and then records 30 seconds of the driver already walking away after dropping the package at my front door.


If this were an intruder or someone "casing the joint" I'd never get an image of his face. Is that a real security system?? Now, if I could set Arlo to stay on and record until the motion stops or my setting (I would choose 5 minutes) I would get all the footage I need. Battery life wouldn't matter to me because 1) if the motion stopped at 15 seconds, the recording would stop or; 2) if I could capture real "show-to-the-cops-footage" I wouldn't care if I had to replace the batteries more frequently.


That said:



Anyone agree or experiencing the same? Please chime in and hopefully the folks at Arlo make it happen!


This is the single biggest reason I may have to replace my Arlo system. Netgear should change their marketing to "After the Moment Capture" when having at least a clue is better than nothing. Right???



This system completely defeats the safety purpose I had. If there is a break into someone's house, the recording you'll have is only for a maximum of 2 minutes. There may not even be recordings of everyone involved if they come into the picture after the maximum recording time set up. If it's for babysitting purposes or other people you must allow in your house, such as for repairs, real estate visitors, etc., you will not have the full action. I'm sadly returning thus system.

This is absolute a must.

I am now very dissapointed with my 4 cam installation. You can see doors opened, but not what whats picked out of the house.

I would not mind changing batteries, as long as I know the cameras capture the wanted videos.


I have two cameras in the front and two in back of the house, so too help with the poor movement-detectability, either of the two cameras should trigger both cameras to start recording.


Oups, The last comment (subcomment) from me, using two cameras to trig two cameras, actually works fine after a bit of fiddeling around the rules.


Adding another camera, to try to detect sideways movment, would mean three cameras trigging three cameras, and that is not possible.


Definitely a must-have!!! 


As a security device, arlo would be MUCH better with this functionality.


I'd rather have a one-time event such as a burglary drain my battery, than "saving" my battery by switching off after 2 minutes and missing some part of the action...

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Status changed to: Implemented

This is now available for Arlo Q and is under development for Arlo Wire-Free cameras. For more information see Arlo Q release notes here: Release Notes - Arlo Q FW 1.8.0_5551 - 9th June 2016


 What good is a system that only catches the end of an event??? So disappointed!




rkm wrote:

I'd rather have a one-time event such as a burglary drain my battery, than "saving" my battery by switching off after 2 minutes and missing some part of the action...

Something I'd like to test myself, but my Arlo Wire-free has been malfunctioning for a couple of weeks and I haven't had time to complete troubleshooting:

Suppose you have a camera set to record for 120 seconds. A burglar finds and disables the camera 90 seconds after first triggering it. Do you get a cut-off video, or no video at all if the camera didn't reach the set recording length?

The release notes for the Arlo Q implementation refer to the setting "Record until activity stops (up to 300 sec)." Does that mean the time limit is configurable up to 300 seconds, or fixed at 300 seconds?


Great question about the "cut-off" - was wondering the same myself. 


Could you please post an update here once you've tested it? Thx! 🙂

I agree with all of the above very disappointing you can not change the setting hope arlo netgear reads all posts and does something about it