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adjustable alert zone shapes and zone dependant alerts



Id like to suggest the posibility of setting alert zones which match the shape of the area you are trying to cover. For example, a trapezoid shaped alert zone would better match a path or driveway as it tapers off into the distance without having to make-do using rectangles and squares which overlap into other areas.

Also, it may be useful to have alerts based on which alert zones are triggered. So in this case, you may have footage recorded of a postman entering your back garden to drop off a parcel but be alerted if he enters an alert zone covering your back door etc.




Come on... I need alarms only on my front and interior doors.  trapezoidal zones is the answer not third grade programmers with squares and rectangles.  Prove to the world that you can do better.




Thanks for listening



This a a great idea!  The motion detection picks up anything in the screen, ie... cars, trees... Its a pain to pannel through the videos and try to see anything  improtant 


Ditto the feature request, mentioned on other forums and upvoted here. 


I would like the ability to define an activity zone by an irrgular polygon instead of a simple rectangle.  I have a fenced yard, and I'd like to define my zone by monitoring any movment inside the fence, but covering the area with a rectangle would include the nearby street which will cause false triggering.  I suggest allow customers to place a Start Point #1, and follow it with a straight line to a Point #2, and then Point #3, etc., until the irregular shape is defined.  When the last point is placed, the customer could click "Close Loop" to return the final line back to Point #1; thereby enclosing your zone.  See the attached picture as an example.


I'd like to upvote this as well.  Hopefully this would be easy to implement 


I create multiple square zones to approximate the irregularly shaped area I want to monitor however it seems we are limited to three zones.  This is pretty ridiculous.


I second this request!


Fully agree with the need for a polygon. I could accept limitations to the complexity of the polygon but a simple rectangle is way too limiting.


Just setup and tested out my first camera and this "Idea" was the first thing to strike me as an "omission". When I read about the motion zone feature I assumed you could draw polygons to define them.


This would obviously help reduce false notifications by taking say a road out of play. False notifications has to be in the top 10 of customer complaints.


Additionally, I can see uses for overall security decision making coming from this ability and it's what I had in mind when I made the first purchase. Example: I have a street, yard and woodline in view of the camera at the front of the house. I would define a zone at the woodline from ground level to "man-height" and I'd like to be able to give motion here a higher priority when alerted to it; people coming toward house from woods clearly up to no good. But because the road and woodline are diagonal to the cameras perspective I can't do this with rectangles.


I'll buy more cameras when this is implimented and weather proof option for Q-plus is availible. 


I agree that having to setup activity zones as boxes is extremely limiting and very poor design. I have seen other camera systems such as Swann (and even no name brand Chinese cameras) have the ability to select boxes in a grid over the camera image to set the activity zone - a much better option than trying to use a box or series of boxes. I would say this would be an easier solution to implement than drawing polygons.


The real world isn't based on right angles, so activity zones shouldn't be based on right angles either. It would be nice if we could create custom polygons I could draw myself or adjust the vertices/anchors of an existing shape. I need to cut out windy plants and street traffic and 3 rectangles isn't the best way to do it.

Capture.JPGExisting rectangles vs preferred shape.