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adjustable alert zone shapes and zone dependant alerts

Come on... I need alarms only on my front and interior doors.  trapezoidal zones is the answer not third grade programmers with squares and rectangles.  Prove to the world that you can do better.




Thanks for listening



This a a great idea!  The motion detection picks up anything in the screen, ie... cars, trees... Its a pain to pannel through the videos and try to see anything  improtant 


Ditto the feature request, mentioned on other forums and upvoted here. 


I'd like to upvote this as well.  Hopefully this would be easy to implement 


I create multiple square zones to approximate the irregularly shaped area I want to monitor however it seems we are limited to three zones.  This is pretty ridiculous.




Id like to suggest the posibility of setting alert zones which match the shape of the area you are trying to cover. For example, a trapezoid shaped alert zone would better match a path or driveway as it tapers off into the distance without having to make-do using rectangles and squares which overlap into other areas.

Also, it may be useful to have alerts based on which alert zones are triggered. So in this case, you may have footage recorded of a postman entering your back garden to drop off a parcel but be alerted if he enters an alert zone covering your back door etc.



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yes, outside of trimming limbs or cutting down trees, it would be wonderful to have shape zones to work with an record within. Wind, etc kills my camera battery from limbs moving. Need a better idea or suggestion on tree limbs and trunks white washing the cameras at night. The only current option is to put in front of the tree, but then the camera is obvious to spot....would be nice to be able to turn off the night vision in those spots too and get better resolution and coverage of the area you're trying to record. 


Upvote for custom activity zone shapes! I somehow accidentally got the android app to make non-rectangular trapezoid, but it seemed to be a glitch because the triggering didn't seem to adhere to the zone and when I opened the zone editor on a web browser it showed it as a rectangle.

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I'd like to be able to move the corners of the box to draw a custom shape rather than always a box.


Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 12.18.11.png


Sometimes the placement of the camera does ot work well with defining the activity region to record. A better option when setting the region would be to work from a image page/screen with a grid and then highlight each square in the grid that you require motion detection to be ignored. The reason for this is a general rectangle is not always desired due to camera angle. An alterative would be to allow for better cropping by draging a corner in or out etc