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adjustable alert zone shapes and zone dependant alerts



Id like to suggest the posibility of setting alert zones which match the shape of the area you are trying to cover. For example, a trapezoid shaped alert zone would better match a path or driveway as it tapers off into the distance without having to make-do using rectangles and squares which overlap into other areas.

Also, it may be useful to have alerts based on which alert zones are triggered. So in this case, you may have footage recorded of a postman entering your back garden to drop off a parcel but be alerted if he enters an alert zone covering your back door etc.




So far I am liking the idea of smart zones, but I have some issues that has me wondering if I will keep it after the trail.  

The biggest issue is why can you only setup zones at a 90deg angle?  I am on a corner lot so the front of my house the lawn is on a 45deg angle on both sides.  So not to pickup cars on the street I have to setup the zones very weird per my screen shot below.  If I had unlimited zone I could setup or a way to adjust the angle of the zone it would be perfect for me. Screenshot_2018-06-30-11-54-45.png




I switched from Canary to Arlo. The one thing I miss are the zones Canary has. Each box has 8 points that can be moved to anywhere on the image, allowing better fencing of zones where you do and do not want motion. Right now the rectangles make it where either extra areas have to be included or excluded.

Absolutely...100% Agree with this.....Competitor devices have the "polygon" activity zones, and I love my Arlo system...but the rectangle is far too limiting. I really hope the devs are paying attention to this thread...We need more fexibility with our activity zones, and the polygon with 8 points would be brilliant!!!! 🙂 

Prime camera positions are where there are significan angles to navigate rectangles...I can't hone in the zones to avoid an errant car or activity I don't care about as much....It may seem negligable, but given the degree of angle I am working with, there are far too many "blind spots" even with 3 zones!! Polygons Needed Thanks!!!! 🙂 



+100.   This is a glaring omission, and now I realize why there were no images of the actual feature in any of the marketing materials pitching the "smart premier" subscription.   <grr>


Using three boxes to try to cover an irregular area is just ridiculous.



And dare I pile on to say that even if we have rectangles or polygons, the "activity zones" are not designed to trigger the camera to record only if and when there is activity in the zone....the activity zones are designed to cater to the "rich notifications" and whether or not you get an alert to your phone that something happened in that zone..


Your camera will still record and upload erroneous activity that you really don't care about anyways (cars or activity across the street as examples)....My presumption here was that I could have activity zones that would only trigger when something entered into those zones, and I could run schedules and stretch out the battery usage on the camera...but now I know this is not the case.

I apprecaite that Arlo wants to bring us additional features, and maybe I should have been more educated on what I assumed we were getting, and maybe there are limitations to what these systems can do. I'm already vested, so I'll have to live with workarounds for now...or just get used to replacing batteries more often than I would like to...

Agreed. Polygons are a must to use the activity zones to their fullest potential. This feature should be bumped up the priority list. Especially now that this feature is part of the paid subscription service.
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yes, outside of trimming limbs or cutting down trees, it would be wonderful to have shape zones to work with an record within. Wind, etc kills my camera battery from limbs moving. Need a better idea or suggestion on tree limbs and trunks white washing the cameras at night. The only current option is to put in front of the tree, but then the camera is obvious to spot....would be nice to be able to turn off the night vision in those spots too and get better resolution and coverage of the area you're trying to record.