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Wireless Channel config manual override

Please, could you add an "Advanced settings" link somewhere under Settings,

by which we can set the wireless channel of the base station, and perhaps even more details regarding its WiFi behavior?


I have serious issues with the extremely busy 2.4 GHz band in my neighborhood (city). The only way *all* my arlo cameras will reach the base well is when I have it at channel 13 and it stays there. But it never seems to do so.


Yes, I take full responsibility for the distortion or interference that could cause, because I know to set my routers at channel 9 or lower (with the Base at 13).


I also would like this feature. It seems to be standard these days to be able to select your channel. I have a Sonos system which allows this as it gives me the ability to separate my Sonos Net from my home WiFi and this improves performance. Since installing my Arlo system I have experienced severe issues with my Sonos performance. I need the ability to manually select the channel or there is interference and performance degraded. Please respect the knowledge of your user base and provide this as a base feature. 


This has had New Idea status for over three years without an update. What a joke.


HUGE need for anyone wanting to optimize their wireless network. They way it works now (piggybacking) is atrocious.

I'm finding this three years later, with no indication it is being taken seriously at all. Really obnoxious to have a MORE powerful signal being broadcast on the same channel as my primary 2.4GHz network. There is a wide open non interfering channel available, this device can be any of 1,6 or 11 and I can move the router channels. But instead this base station keeps following any setting I choose. So obnoxious.

Adding this so others can hopefully find this thread, and save countless amounts of time, frustration, and potentially money, to chase down a problem Alro should have fixed years ago.  Please, please, please implement manual fine tuning of the wifi channel OR have the base station router choose an appropriately distant channel automaticaly. 

Problem: NETGEARxyz is killing my wifi on a regular basis.  NETGEAR55 follows my home wifi network channel causing intermittent dropped wifi on a daily basis. I manually reset my router.  The next day: BAM - the just-solved wifi drop out problem comes back.  (NETGEAR55 is my Arlo basestation with latest firmware!)


I get it that you might experience less problems if you follow the channel of a close router and it sounds like a great default behaviour. But for the sake of God, let it be possible to override it (by all means, smack a big warning sign by the checkbox to discourage it being overridden).


I've invested probably in the neighbourhood of $2500 into arlo equipment and recommended the system to friends and collegues, but this is one of those things that will stop me from investing more or recommend it from now on.

The seeming reluctance from the arlo team to adress this spills over onto Netgear as a company as well. I've been quite a fanboy previously (with everything from switches to the nighthawk series) - but if they don't listen to their consumers, I'll take my money elsewhere.