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Wireless Channel config manual override

Please, could you add an "Advanced settings" link somewhere under Settings,

by which we can set the wireless channel of the base station, and perhaps even more details regarding its WiFi behavior?


I have serious issues with the extremely busy 2.4 GHz band in my neighborhood (city). The only way *all* my arlo cameras will reach the base well is when I have it at channel 13 and it stays there. But it never seems to do so.


Yes, I take full responsibility for the distortion or interference that could cause, because I know to set my routers at channel 9 or lower (with the Base at 13).


Some customers are "advanced" users... with no access to advanced features those customers start to look elsewhere.


Dear Netgear team,


I keep seeing the same response from you guys; that Arlo automatically changes its wifi channel to the SAME one as your home wifi/router (or whichever one is closest).  This does not make sense and needs to be changed.  Having 2 wifi access points broadcasting on the same channel will cause interference, especially if they are right next to each other.  If my home wifi is broadcasting on channel 6, I would want Arlo to broadcast on channel 1 or 11 to avoid any interference


Please add this as a feature request; to be able to manually change the channel Arlo operates on.  it will greatly improve the range and reliability of your cameras, plus cause less interference with peoples home wifi


I am a wireless systems engineer, my statements are correct - it is common knowledge in my industry!


Otherwise, love your products Smiley Happy





+1 this is a basic feature of any other product on the market.


We really need the option to change the wireless channel. By having the base station and normal wifi router on the same network, both the arlo cameras and regular wifi devices are fighting for the same bandwidth.


It would be quite simple to allow us to change this in an "advanced options" area.  Leave it on Auto as default but allow people who actually want to have decent wifi performance to change the setting.


Here is a little reading for whoever decided it was a good idea to try and crowd the strongest wifi channel...


I appreciate not giving Admin access to the Netgear hub is probably for Security Reasons, but with it auto transmitting on the same frequency as my main hub is just non-sensical. I moved the channel of my main hub specifically to eliminate congestion (interference). As is the norm these days, my neighbours all have there own wifi networks, and i had mine set up to avoid any conflict. Pretty sure the HP Wireless enabled printer does the same seek and destroy trick too (but at least its a device i can have turned off with minimal impact).


I agree, it is vital to be able to choose the channel that the Arlo uses. As it is, I live in a town house complex that is full of wifi, most people are playing well and using 1 6 or 11, but for some reason the Arlo is jumping on channel 3 and causing interference both with the wifi as well as my zigbee network as Samsung Smarthings is broadcasting on Zigbee channel 15 which is getting clobbered by the Arlo on channel 3.


We need advanced users to have the option to configure the channel.


Dear Netgear,


Please  make a small change to the management page for the base station device to allow for setting the WiFi Channel.  This is a SIMPLE change that would be significantly beneficial.   Not only would this not impact network performance for the wireless computers and devices in my home, the performance of YOUR PRODUCT would not suffer.


I cannot recommend ARLO based on this simple flaw alone.


I agree. Not very smart to set it automatically and not allow manual setting.  If it follows nearby access points, then it is even a worse idea.


I can't set up my Arlo Q+ to connect to the company WiFi (WPA2-Enterprise, EAP-PEAP, MSCHAPv2) to watch my stuff w/ my given username and password. It would be nice if Arlo supported more advanced WiFi setup such as highlighted above to allow for use cases like mine.


Dear Netgear,


As you can see. Lot's of requests for this feature to force the wi-fi channel.


Are you able to provide us with a response?