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Windows 10 Phone App

Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.
Arlo Employee

I would love to be able to use the Arlo app on my smart phone that is running on Microsoft Windows operating system to view my Arlo Smart Home Security System.


Usually, if an app doesn't exist, you can go to a mobile web site.  However, this won't work with Arlo due to its antiquated Adobe Flash site which won't work with any mobile device.  Netgear, please at least give us an HTML5 site and enter the modern world.


Is there a planned app for Windows Phone 8.1? Is so, When?


Well heres my deal - get the windows phone app and I will purchase no app no purchase as I will never own any other smart phone . Quite simple


My whole family uses Windows Phones and notebooks. Would be great to see an Arlo app soon, since there's no good way to use it with the phone currently.

I was just about to hit Buy Now until I saw this post. My wife and I have Windows phones, and while I understand they are nowhere near the popularity of Apple/Andriod phones there is still a large number of users being alienated because you don't have a app for them. Please reconsider creating the app at least once Windows 10 comes out. Other than this one caveat your product is exactly what I need.

Hey - i was dealing with the full web browser version on my windows phone - no i couldnt play the videos but at least i could see if there were any notifications and i would know to go check on a desktop,  But now i just noticed that it is not giving me the full web version but tries to redirect me to the app store for the app and of course there is none for the windows phone so could you please code this as an exception because now i cant figure out how to check on things on my phone - please help me solve this problem or provide a workaround - thanks!



@ribouchi admire your dedication to the platform but good luck trying to find a better wireless solution that supports the windows phone or a responsive functional browser experience. if you find one please share!


Netgear seems to be paying no attention to mobile users except for those on Android and iOS.  To fix the browser issue, click on the three dots at the bottom of the browser, go to settings, and switch from "mobile version" to "desktop version".


thanks @hokeysmoke - that worked but inst that a global setting for all websites? If so that sucks it didnt always work that way so either windows phone update did something or netgear changed their code.