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Windows 10 Phone App

Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.

Does anyone have experience using the Arlo cameras with the SmartThings app for Windows phones? They specifically list the Arlo line of cameras as a group of cameras they are designed to work with. Thoughts?




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"One thing I'm still looking for, is whether there is a system where I can hook into local motion alerts."


I can answer motion alerts from my phone, tablets, as well as desktops. They are recorded so I can view, download, or keep it in the cloud. Ring also has a community setting where you and your neighbors who also have ring, can grant "Live Views" of their cameras as well your own without a security risk. This produces essentially a neighborhood watch without moving from the chair, bed, or whatever. I am not sure how that works but imagine they just share via the cloud rather than having to be close enough to directly access the camera.


I am retired so for those days someone comes to the door before I am up I can see and talk with them and tell them where to leave the package, or when to come back. I am retired enough to stay up until 3AM Binge watching all my content I want - local OTA, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. We actually have a roof antenna just like the old days with a four into one 115v powered amplifier splitter, and cable for it in the walls.


We have lots of adult toys from 65" TVs and Dell XPS 2720 systems, many tablets, and other boy toys that go bang. These over the phone video syste,ms are sooo easy and fast.

I'm sure Arlo is as liked by their non Windows buyers. Lord know I tried to wait, but now, a year later realize I was smart not to wait.


Does anyone know if there is an Arlo API that can be used for video streaming, motion alerts, speaker support?


Maybe I'll just write my own...


I bought a 4-camera pack last week not fully appreciating the total lack of support for Windows Mobile and the complete reliance on Flash in browsers.


I've now had a good read through the support site and can see Netgear have completely ignored the many, many calls over the past two years to replace Flash with HTML5 and/or provide a Windows 10 Mobile app. Well, my kit has been reboxed and is going back to Amazon for a refund. Well done, Netgear, this is what happens when you ignore your customers and keep using obsolete, insecure technology.

I'm now accessing my Arlo cameras from my Windows 10 laptops and my Xbox One using The Home Remote app ( and

The app gives some good functionality although there is room for improvement and hopefully they will add more Arlo control features!
Thanks for that. I relented in sending them back at the last minute, so this is very useful.

Have you found a way to get it to show all the cameras? At the moment it only shows one of four.
I have 4 cameras and all four show on my Windows 10 devices using The Home Remote app (
Just been doing some more reading on The Home Remote app... it is amazing for smart home users! It is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10.

iOS app =

Windows 10 app =

Android app =

This app is allowing me to use Arlo on my Windows 10 laptops and even on my XBOX ONE as well as my iPhone and iPad!!! Love it!

As well as Arlo it also supports smart home devices like Sonos, Hue, Honeywell!!!

Just figured it out. It does have all the cameras, but it's not at all obvious how to get to them - you need to tap on the camera name to get a drop-down list to switch between them. Some UX improvements needed there, but it's good to know someone is helping to make this system work on Windows Mobile even if Netgear can't be bothered 😄


Would love to see a universal windows app for Windows 10 mobile and desktop/tablet. Please consider. It is not that hard to port over an Android or iOS app to the UWP app. Ring video doorbell did this.