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Windows 10 Phone App

Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.

Wow, this is so dissapointing.  I was about two seconds from jumping in on Arlo especially with upcoming baby monitor product.  Windows 10 has 400 million installed devices between PC, mobile and XBOX - why on earth would netgear not build a Universal Windows Platform app to work on all three or even go on to hub devices or AR systems.  At a minimum, HTML 5 browser based support has to be developed ASAP.



Crap, I just ordered two of these cameras after being very disappointed with the Samsung smartcam web UI. Now it sounds like the Arlo Q is just as bad and will have to be returned 😐


I think I'll just stick with a basic IP cam.


The Arlo web interface is almost as complete as the app. What it lacks is the ability to view your cameras LIVE if you are on a Windows 10 phone. This is because Netgear is stuck in the less secure Flash era and has not moved to using modern HTML5.  You can view Recorded AND Live on a Windows 10 device where Flash can be turned on which includes using Edge (turn Flash on in Settings, Advanced). You can only watch already Recorded videos in your Library on a Windows mobile phone. Otherwise you can arm/disarm, set modes etc.


The other thing missing in web interface is Geofencing if you have a Windows mobile.  You have to have Android or iOS phone apps and they have to be ALWAYS logged in for that to work, but it is not without it's issues even if you have the hardware - especially if you want all your family members to be in the group considered if 'first home' or 'last to leave' is the way you want to deactivate/activate your home cameras.  It would make much more sense to have a small low cost 'tag' that could go on anything like a keyring or schoolbag, or be left in the glove box of your car, etc.  Or even a 'credit card' size similar to that used in the DHS border crossing cards to Canada and Mexico.  Could message the base when it came in range and activate/deactivate.  Another product accessory for Netgear to sell and much easier than working out their app issues for multiple phones and iOS within a family or business situation. 


What is really lacking in both the web interface AND the apps is a User Accessible log of all account accesses. Or the ability to have two factor authentication for log in.  Ideally, Netgear would provide both.


If you think an access log is a good idea, go to Idea Exchange. Do not write a new suggestion, find the one on access log that already exists and Up Vote it.


When I get my cameras next week I'll give it a try. It's a shame they are stuck with flash. I'm not counting on that changing anytime soon.


I was hoping to be able to get a RTSP stream directly from the device which I could integrate with Home Assistant. It does seem that the Smartthings hub now supports the devices so maybe that will do.


I am looking to purchase a camera system, and this one is by far the most appealing for a variety of reasons. The problem is that I have a complete Windows system, and don't want to change it for a camera system alone. Can I get an update on the where Arlo stands on developing an app for Windows, or at least making it accessible on their website? If not, I am going to have to purchase elsewhere. Thanks!


The update is there not doing it so if this is a must have, you should look elsewhere.



I agree with your points competely. Verizon has no new Windows phones and our Lumia 735s are lacking some features the last Lumias, the 950s have. But they 900 series are only on AT&T - we get terrible AT&T reception here so we decided to wait for the Surface phones when they come out. We actually did try iPhone 6s as an upgrade, which we returned after one day. Then since we changed to another service that uses Verizon towers or the free iPhones, Verizon welcomed us back with two new Moto Z Droid Play phones free. While it opened us up to lots of apps we did maybe three after changing the Android launcher to a windows launcher using the SquareHome app that makes them look feel and act like a Windows phone at home central. Now we can wait for the Surface phones a bit easier.



We already had bought a complete Ring doorbell system bundle with the Ring Doorbell, two of the stick up cams, and one Ring chime which has two chimes, one "Ding-Dong" for the doorbell, and another like wind chimes for motion only. Until you have it you have no idea how nice when home to "hear" a motion alert from any of the phones from the plug in chime/doorbell. Each camera has both microphones and speakers so we can have a two way with anyone near one of the cameras. THe camera are usually $199 each and the Ring inside chime $50. Best Buy had this bundle on sale for $399 for all. The batteries last a couple of months and are easy to take down and charge, no ladders needed. All video is saved to their servers for 3 bucks per phone. We also have a D-Link inside camera in full HD that swivels and goes up and down on command from our phones. Both the Ring system and the D-Link camera worked perfectly with Windows Mobile 10 phones.


Our next purchase will be two of the the matching Ring system Solar chargers.  They make recharging unnecessary. According to the company having them charge daily will not damage the batteries which are not user serviceable. Nor should they be. Here is a review of them. I just bought last October and the Ring system works perfectly. Of course the more it is triggered the more battery it uses. My wife smokes and goes out on our carport door constantly every day. We are both retired young and I was shocked to see that despite all the alerts, that battery still lasted two to three months. Here is a link to a video of the solar panels for Ring


All of the camers can be used in live view anytime I want to check, with no alert, like during storms if I am traveling. I bought the most recent version, so I did not know that the stickups could not do live view before. THey all do now and it works great. I paid 3 bucks per month for all three cameras to record to the cloud and hold them there for as long as I need. So far, I have had no criminal activity since we live on acreage in a rural setting but have 200mbps Internet by cable. BUt should I need a clip in court I can also download the videos to my Windows computer. Ring will replace any stoilen camera so you do not have to unstall them high up. If one is stolen the dummies are recorded to the cloud the whole time until they are out of range of my WiFi router signal. Installation of all the cameras including the door bell were a half hour for the door bell only because I had a wireless doorbell ther and had to remove it and fill/paint the holes not covered by the new Ring doorbell. The stick ups took less than five minutes as only a pilot hole and three screws are light work for my Ryobi 18 volt system


IMO the Ring Doorbell has better batteries, live view on all cameras, really innovative indoor chime, recording for very little to the cloud, easy to charge as it uses the same micro USB 5v charger as my phones, tablets, and BT speakers.


The D-Link inside camera is not on the same system and we did not pay for cloud recording because we would already have them in the cloud. We DO have it recoring to its own micro SD Card, 32GB which records a couple of days.


They just deleted my post with a recommendation for another brand that does support Windows 10 phones and tablets. It has solar panels for the cameras other than the doorbell. Guess they thought I worked for Ring Doorbell. Look them up on YouTube. I am just a happy customer with a complete Ring system I paid for.


After trying to buy an Arlo system I went with a D-Link indoor HD camera I can move around remotely from my Windows 10 Mobile phone. Then a year later, all the while waiting for NetGear to write a Windows phone 10 App for Arlo, I bought the Ring doorbell system. This was only after asking Netgear repeatedly to come out with a Windows 10 mobile App. Microsoft and Qualcomm just confirmed Microsoft to be coming out with their own Qualcomm hardware equipped Arm architecture,cloud only, laptops for schools like the Chromebook. As well their Surface Phones will soon be a commodity as well as the current Windows 10 x86 architecture. I think we will be seeing more Arm Architecture from Microsoft.


Shame on you Netgear. After all these folks asking repeatedly to buy your product you don't even allow a report on one that already does?


Why not refer Windows phones folks to Ring Doorbell folks and get a commiseration or some sort of trade. Or buy their products and rebrand then under NetGear?


Or . . . . Heaven forbid! Get with the rest of the world and drop Flash and then spend a few bucks on using UAP to make it a WindowsApp too in about a couple of hours.


You don't get it. If you won't write a Windows Phone App, you already lost our business. No one will look here unless they are also looking for a Windows 10 phone friendly home security camera sysytem that requires no witring at all. You could garner a lot of good will by referring, like many companies have already learned. Deleting a post trying to help folks you cannot sell anyway is really cheesy.




I was wondering why I get notifications of a new post, but then clicking through it says its invalid 😐


I'll check out the Ring systems, looks pretty nice.


I like the netgear solution in terms of the free cloud storage, however I would prefer the system to be more open (so I can integrate with Home Assistant for example), plus actually have a modern web UI that doesnt use 90's flash tech.


One thing I'm still looking for, is whether there is a system where I can hook into local motion alerts.

I'm with you 100% guys why waist time and money on this product when it does not cater to all our needs. I also have bought the arlo pro 4 pack and I wish I hadn't, I will be selling this now as both my wife and I run windows phones and to make this even better, we have windows tablets and laptops. How hard is it to write a Windows app. I mean really!! Netgear, listen to your customers, your product os great, but it's does not work for everyone, CREATE WINDOWS APP!!!!!