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Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.

Long time Windows Phone user and I have been able to live stream videos with Ring's windows apps(both desktop and phone).  Like other have said please give us an avenue for live streaming on our Windows Phones.


Thank you


I bought the Ring doorbell bundle from Best Buy. ONe doorbell and two stickups, all connect to the cloud and I can download any needed for court or other proof. I can do live view from my Dell XPS 2720 Windows 10 desktop despite it having its own issues withthe Anniversary update. The computer and 210 not the Ring devices. I can live view on my Windows 10 phone app, and my Windows 10 desktpop app. We recentluy got offered two new MotoZ Droid top linbe pohomes by our provider and it works on that device too. So in my home it works on both Android, Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 phone.


Arlo lost me a year ago when they offered all I wanted, battery operation as well as portability.


Ring has battery operation and the option to order solar cells for no need to take down and charge the stick ups. The clarity is excellent and the chimes have different tomes for the motion detection only, and when the doorbell is pressed. The microphones and the speaker are loud and clear.


I have my original D-Link inside camera that records HD in a loop on the 32GB Micro SD card, and it moves up and down and rotates with a speaker and mic so I can talk remotely to my house from the inside. We spent half the cost of the Ring doorbell bundle with three camers and the chime on that one camera that covers all entrances and vulnerable windows from afar. Works on windows but not battery operated.


Netgear falls further and further behind. When the Surface phones emerge and Ring as well as D-Link are on it, Netgear will have ceded the battery operated high quality security camera just like Microsoft ceded the phone market too soon, and released no Verizon phones for me and the rest. Sure the best bets are the ones that return the most short term. Market lkeaders make bets that serve them long term as well.


From user forums for both Arlo and Ring it appears Ring's batteries last longer, and the installs are much easier than the D-Link. I also read issues with the Arlo batteries and setups.


Two months after adding the Ring devices to my already installed D-Link inside one, I realize that with sheer luck I chose the right systems for me. Other techie types might want bragging rights for overcoming a difficult setup and configuration like Linux users. <wink>

UWP for Windows, pls.
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Hello all!


I wanted to provide an update from the Arlo Development Team:


"During our evaluation of our road map earlier this year, we took another long look at this idea, and while we may consider it in the future, at this point it is not currently a part of our short or mid-term road map. We sincerely appreciate your feedback, and encourage you to continue to support this idea with kudos if you would like to see this implemented in the future."

I am glad I found this thread before purchasing.  I have the Ring doorbell, but at first glance, the Arlo system seemed more mature with more features.  I was about to replace my aging Swann DVR system with a 6 camera Arlo until I read no Windows 10 Mobile support.


Ring fully supports W10M.


I think the Arlo idea is a great one, and I would have loved to own them, however, the fact that Netgear has not even changed to HTML 5 so it can be viewed on any mobile browser, and over a year of this thread being active with poeple asking just goes to show that Netgear is not "Customer Focused" but more "MONEY FOCUSED".


I would have easily paid $1000 for this kit without a second thought if you at least supported live viewing within a browser. 


Windows 10 Mobile may not be a massive market share, but there still are millions of users, and with Win 10 continuing to evolve using Universal Windows Platform, this will continue to grow.  Of course not to the size of Android share, but it is there.


An App would be great, and infact for the developer it is pretty simple as Microsoft has it set up that an App from IOS or Android can be converted to UWP in less than 10 minutes in most cases!  So why can you not even try?


Even if you are not going to bother with an app, then at least make your mobile browser support up to date.


I personally own Netgear Routers, Switches, and NAS, but the fact that you are unwilling to support the Windows System has now turned me to the point that I will replacing all Netgear equipment with another brand that shows support.  My equipment was aging, and was just about to purchase everything new, including the Arlo system, but now it will not be with anything Netgear.  And anyone I speak to will know not to purchase also.


I made the mistake of purchasing the Arlo Q (2-pack). I prefer to use Microsoft Edge and the web portal is horrendously slow. In this day and age, why is it using Flash? I can't even change settings without having to go through a loading screen for each click. It either loads after 5 minutes or doesn't even load at all... I bought four of these cameras and was considering paying for CVR.


So far, experience is not good at all. I'm definitely returning this.

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Make sure your browser/flash is up to date. You might also consider a different browser (Chrome, Firefox), do you still see the same behavior?



by JamesC NETGEAR Moderator
on ‎2017-03-30 09:43 AM



Make sure your browser/flash is up to date. You might also consider a different browser (Chrome, Firefox), do you still see the same behavior?



The issue of making sure Flash is up to date is not a fair answer.   The issue is consistently being pointed out, however not being addressed.  The interface is insanely slow, and really, it is unacceptable for the cost of this system that we have paid, and continue to pay monthly for.
As Maerlyn13 has pointed out at the start of this thread, why you have not moved to an HTML5 interface is confusing.  HTML5 is faster, smoother experience, much more secure, and current!
I am 'trying' to run my Arlo on a network that is 150Mbit Down and 50Mbit upload, and while I can connect, the delay is at least 20 to 30 seconds from live, once I finally can see.  I have one at the front door, but it is pointless to be able to get a 'Live' view as by time it connects and shows me what is there, which typically takes about a full minute, the person has gone, or done what they are doing.  I understand it is impossible to get a true "Live" view, as it needs to go to Netgear server and then back down, but a lot of the delay is the interface, not network speeds and data compression.
This may have started as a post for Windows 10 Mobile support, but it has turned in to how Netgear is not working with it's customers, it is getting it's cash grab.  If you were working with your customers, something cleaner and faster would have been in place a long time ago.
The Arlo system is an amazing idea, and I do love the flexibility in being able to move a camera quickly and not having to run a bunch of wires, which is why I purchased the system. I want to keep the system and I am holding out for better access to the cameras, but it is getting hard to stick around.  I would rather spend the extra money at this point and have wiring run throughout.
Nothing is perfect, and never will be, but Netgear has a great base of a product and one would hope they would work to make the users experience smoother, but it seems while they are working to make nicer cameras, which are very nice, they have completely pushed the interface aside and not given it the attention it really needs to make this one of the best systems out there.
Sorry for the long winded rant, this is my opinion.  I am not saying it is a simple thing for Netgear to do, it takes a lot of work to do what you have accomplished, just focus seems to be a little off.

Hi JamesC,


Flash is up-to-date on Microsoft Edge. The system is set up to be able to view my house when I'm away and on the road. I'm not able to download Chrome/Firefox on my mobile phone.


The hardware is great but it feels crippled with current web portal. I have indoor cameras that may not have 1080 resolution but the web portal, which runs HTML5, works like any app should. I'll stick with my current setup.