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Windows 10 Phone App

Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.
Is there going to be an app anytime soon for Windows Phone?
I bought a Dlink camera the same day I tried Arlo, but the Dlink camera would not sync. The Arlo Q cameras are nice and I would live to have this system again (took the other back), but from all these comments, maybe I should try the Dlink camera again and just had a dud.

I have purchased over the years at least a half dozen highend Netgear routers.  Your company exists because of Microsoft and the Internet.  After all of these years you have chosen to disenfranchise millions of Windows phone users and if you include the tablet we are now talking about hundreds of millions of potential users because of the lack of Artlo support.   It is hard to believe a company can be so shortsighted.  I just discovered Link the doorbell company also has cameras and recently added Windows 10 phone and tablet support.   We all need to vote with our dollars and choose Link for our cameras.  Their battery supposedly lasts for over a year and even better they have a solar panel that will charge the batteries.  I have waited for a year or more for Netgear to get their act together.  It is now time for me to buy Link. 



Do you mean Blink?


The only Link I can find is a paid security company. I bought the D-Link cameras after finding no battery system with a Windows phone app but D-Link. I provided links to the D-Link Windows compatible camera I bought in my previous posts here.


I agree 100% with your comments.


Perhaps you can post a link to the link you to which refer? And please a link to the page that states they have Windows phone and PC support.

i have 5 arlos and 2 arlo qs now, please make a windows 10 app


I tried a while ago but it didn't post.  I said Link when I mean Ring.  I bought the wired Ring doorbell version and the WIFI cameras.  I have seen posts suggesting the cameras are not as good as Arlo but I think they are pretty good.  I now have three camera's, a Doorbell and if you can believe it a solar panel for each camera. Ring sells a solar panel so one does not have to deal with changing out batteries or charging them. The solar panel alone makes it a compelling choice.  Ring supports the Windows phone.  A small company whos yearly revenues are probably what Netgear spends in one day on lunches can build a Windows phone app.  Yet Netgear who prospered because of Microsoft can't find a way to build a Windows phone app.  That is pretty sad.


Support for Windows 10 is a must for me to purchase any system - it's as simple as that!


It would be nice to have a WIndows 10 app. It would nice to be able to have updates/notifications pop-up on my desktop computer. If an app is coming in the future, each camera should be able to be opened in individual windows that can be set to stay in the forefront. That way, when I'm at work, I can have a small window pinned to the top corner of my screen and I can watch my kids while continuing to work.


I really will appreciate that Netgear develops an app for Windows phone or UWP. Please consider your customers.


Thank you team



Netgear is falling by the wayside. THey used to be a big player but the Cisco Linksys routers and the D-Link cameras and routers have essentially taken them out of the main vendor lists.


Now that Belkin owns Linksys the only major router brand and camera vendor is D-Link.


I bought the D-Link 1080p remote control swivel and up and down movement camera at BB for under $130.00 and they have a Windows phone app that works great! THey give you several hours of setup time if needed. MIne works with our Lumia 735 windows phones on Verizon perfectly.


D-Link, and I heard, but have not confirmed, that Ring also supports Windows Mobile.


Netgear is sinking if they can't cover all three OS' out here.