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Widget/Individual buttons to arm and disarm modes on my phone

I would like to have two "buttons" on my phone









(or one for each mode would be nice)


This was, I can arm or disarm with one press of a button,




open app

select mode page

(wait a ling time for that page to load)

selct "modes"

select which mode I want.




Yeah this app has not had a feature update in years.


XJW Apprentice

For goodness sake Arlo.  Just give us a simple shortcut to activate a chosen mode.


It is not much to ask and would finally make Arlo a less tedious system to turn on and off.


I ended up going the expensive route.  Early in this technology, I picked up Samsung's SmartThings Hub, and a few devices (motion sensors, light switches) and doiked around with that as well as IFTTT, trying to find workarounds to all this bull.  I simply wanted to have a phone app to turn things on or off.  Having "zones" and "modes" was cool if it worked.  Eventually, I abandoned a lot of it.  For now, I have motion sensors on the doors, and Arlo Cameras outside.  I arm everything at night, turn it off in the mornings, and if I leave the house, turn everything back on again.  I do this with a Samsung SmartThings widget which gives me access to 4 SmartThings commands, and 3 revolve around the cameras (all on, all off, cameras only on).  It works, but never lived up to the potential for automating the house security the way I wanted.  I don't think it's a lack of creativity and desire, but more a corporate decision on how many resources to fund for developing the software.  Really, as a former developer and then director of a large federal agency's IT group (say 200 folks, total), this type of programming is EASY.  EASY. And EASY to test--you have an entire community frothing at the mouth for updates and improvements.  When I turn my energy back to this problem, I'll likely abandon what I have and find another company that's devoted to excellence.

XJW Apprentice


A nice summary of your experience and our frustration with Arlo leadership.  Word of mouth from happy customers would be a great investment.


IFTTT  support for Custom Modes would be a major step forward.  It would allow us to work around the other deficiencies such as the tedious process for switching Arlo on/off or the ongoing Geofencing debacle.


Many of the customer reviews that you see are scathing.  But invest a little more to fix the key gaps and your customers will sell the product for you.

I desperately, desperately need home screen widget functionality (at least on Android) that has access to all base station modes. Must be able to access custom modes in particular.

I know this has been mentioned by various users in the past. Surely this is a very simple app update that would make the world of difference for the Arlo ecosystem?

So many use cases that would benefit from a simple 'one click' arm, disarm, custom arm, schedule widget!

+1 Android widget please!


I am eager to use a widget in my iPhone to arm/disarm Arlo. Is this still not available? I researched this comprehensively and it seems no progress has been made. The IFTTT app had roadblocks when I signed up.