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Widget/Individual buttons to arm and disarm modes on my phone

I would like to have two "buttons" on my phone









(or one for each mode would be nice)


This was, I can arm or disarm with one press of a button,




open app

select mode page

(wait a ling time for that page to load)

selct "modes"

select which mode I want.




This really should be done by now. 

I would love to have is available soon. 


As a new Arlo user, this is something I've been struggling with. I was quite sure I'm missing something, as there is no way how switching the modes could be so complicated (for something that you are supposed to do quite frequent). 


From an end user perspective, this should definitely be a committed feature, not a future consideration. Especially as this should not require a lot of dev effort. 

I find it quite disgusting that this feature wasn't part of the very first original software build.  Very very bad show Arlo not having widgets to set these modes.  And I agree that both mobile platforms need this feature.


Pretty poor too that this "feature" has been on the "Engineering Investigation" list since November 2016.  Arlo engineering clearly having no intention of progressing this feature request.

This feature has been listed on the "Engineering Investigation" list since 2016, however Engineering have clearly not managed to implement what is a very basic function.  I've lost all hope that Arlo will ever do this.


This seems like something that should have been done in the beginning and somewhat easy to do.  Come on Arlo, lets be reactive to consumers needs.


There is a way on iPhone, 3D Touch the Arlo app icon to arm or disarm all cameras. 


Just noticed that you can Arm or Disarm the HomeBase with a single click within the Arlo App.  This disables any of the Arlo Pro cameras connected to it.  My ArloQ is still a separate step because everything is routed through the local network router and not the HomeBase.  Close but still not a home run.   Did see on the internet that you can use IFTTT to control your HomeBase with Alexa.  Getting closer to being an integrated SmartHome product. 

XJW Apprentice

Please do not implement this as ARM and DISARM.  ARM and DISARM are useless to many of us.  Implement a widget that will allow us to set modes including ARM and DISARM and Geofencing and Custom Modes.


ARM and DISARM do not allow me to keep external cameras on while turning off the internal cameras when we are home.  This should be a priority use case !!!!!

XJW Apprentice

Please do not implement this as ARM and DISARM.


Arlo do not appear to have understood that ARM and DISARM are useless to many of us.  When we are Home we switch off internal cameras but leave external cameras on.  This should be a common use case.  ARM and DISARM do not support this use case.  Please stop implementing solutions that only support ARM and DISARM.  We need support for all modes.



Several YEARS into this request and still no progress...?

I guess all the muttering I've read AFTER purchasing 4 Arlo Qs is true about Netgear being mostly unresponsive to customers. What a major disappointment and most likely a reason I'll be taking ALL my Arlo gear back for a refund.


Setting each camera to arm/disarm individually is absurd and a serious pain. As already stated in early 2016 - this isn't practical at all when your schedule is dynamic. Ugh.