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Widget/Individual buttons to arm and disarm modes on my phone

I would like to have two "buttons" on my phone









(or one for each mode would be nice)


This was, I can arm or disarm with one press of a button,




open app

select mode page

(wait a ling time for that page to load)

selct "modes"

select which mode I want.




I think Arlo has this feature now.  When I am moving around my house I go to the Mode page and select [All Motion Off].  When I leave my house or go to bed I go back to the Mode page and choose [All Motion On].


But rather than login to the app and work through the menus a widget that can toggle modes with a single touch would be better.


It takes 11 touches for me to turn on my in-house cameras.  I do this by selecting a predefined rule and thus add it to my Day mode in the schedule.  A widget that can do this or something similar with a single touch and toggle off again with a single touch would be much much better.


Wish list:


Create a Today screen widget on iphone with functions to change modes

Change iphone ring tone so that alerts stand out

Alerts with text rather than email

Zoom in and out on stored pictures

Do not disturb periods for alerts

Ability to choose and use more than one schedule (eg vacation vs home)






I would like a widget with a timer so it go back to previous mode after I leave The house.

Arm and disarm all devices with one button. Currently you have to disarm the Arlo wireless base and then the Arlo Qs that you have. Would be nice to have all in one mode.

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I came here to suggest exactly the same. I use "schedule" for night time, but during the day, I want to be able to easily ARM it when i go out and DISARM when i come back home. Now, it takes FOREVER to do either.

Providing a button ARM/DISARM on the front page of the APP, could potentially let me do all that in just a few seconds. I dont care that it might take the system 1 or 2 minutes to actually carry out the process in the background (provided that it actually does arm/disarm the system), as long as I dont have to jump through hoops (6 buttons to be pushed - isn't exactly good UX), waiting for the system to react, before I can chose what I want to do.


That would be a great idea

We have just purchased 1 Wirefree and 4 Arlo Q cameras, and now find that we cannot set all the Arlo Q together in an Armed mode, and have to set each individually when we got out, and then disarm each individually when we come back in.  A schedule wouldn't work for this as we don't always know when we are going out.  We are disappointed, as had read before we purchased the Qs that we can mix the Qs with the wire-free on the same system, but you sort of can't.  Furthermore, each Arlo Q has to be armed /disarmed separately, not as a whole, as in the wire-free.  This needs fixing ASAP.