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WIFI Extender For Arlo Pro Camera/Base-Station Network

Arlo pro 2 camera and base station needs to add/allow wifi range extenders into the network.


Arlo Pro 2 camera and base station depends on WIFI to communicate, which is a private network from our home network. But very often, putting cameras on the other side of the house puts the cameras out of range. 


So I found out that network extenders don't extend arlo's private network, but only allows the user to reposition the base station from the router. Arlo's network is completely private and not connectable/accessible with at all. 

The Arlo's network SHOULD be open/accessible to allow say, a WIFI extender be added to the network to help boost the range. 

The current solution for this scenario is to have multiple base stations, but that really doesnt make sense at all.. who would setup a second modem+router+internet-subscription just to extend coverage?


There needs a solution for this. WIFI has limits, but this is a home security system and we need some backup/assistance here to be properly covered.


Would be nice if we can somehow take advantage of the Orbi mesh router (not just relocating the base station). Maybe somehow can help extend the arlo's network? 

Maybe cameras should be connected to the home network to the base station?


One day, I would like to imagine all netgear's products work together in a home solution.. if they can be compatible and give advantages for having an arlo + orbi, i think it would boost market/sales and people wanting the complete system.


I like that idea.. Could this be an option? 


Some extenders would communicate as the wireless to the router then the base station can plug into the ethernet port for connections.? They have a few options out there.


At this time, the only real way to expand coverage is to use multi bases.... there is no limit on bases on any account level.


Orbi does make this easy as each satellite has ethernet ports which allow the base unit to hook into... Been running this way for a while and works well


Just my 2 cents


I agree, should be a way that developers can create a way that an extender could be added to the ARLO family.

 With the way we are building Homes to withstand bad weather, tornadoes and damaging winds. The walls are getting thicker with foam and steel, there is a need to extend our cameras beyon the distance of today.